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I'm goofy at times, misunderstood all of the time, weird to most, odd to others, caring to all, respectful to all who don't disrespect me, loving to one, protective of those who can't protect themselves and/or those who I trust, I trust very little, am serious, I can read people very well, I like to draw, I love to sing, I love animals ever since I can remember, I admire nature, I tend to hurt more easily than most care to think, I try most of the time to har to please a mother who will never care about me or a thing I do so long as its for her, and that is why I don't care to get close to others for fear they might treat me like my mother.

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I Am a Wolf Traped In a Human Body

Where am I suppose to begin at this point? I can’t keep lying to myself for much longer. Nothing is as it was once before, he’s not the man I fell in love with and I am not the same woman he once... [more]
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  • I Am a Wolf Traped In a Human Body

    Am I A Wolf? Or Was I Once A Wolf And Am No Longer One?       When I was younger I always acted like a wolf and even felt like I was, I truly believed I was a wolf. People mocked me and made fun of me for it they all called me wolf girl and howled at … [more]
  • I Am a Wolf Traped In a Human Body

    The Urge To Bite!     Last night my behavior became much more unusual the more I bit my boyfriend. First I bit him on his lip then other places on his body. After a while he made me stop cause it started to hurt too… [more]
  • I Wish I Was Never Born

    Something Different       First off I was never suppose to be born. I was an accident, and my mother had told me how I was an accident. My older brother despised me because I took up a lot of the attention. He, at t… [more]
  • I Am Against Antidepressants

    Numb To The World Might As Well Be A Zombie O.o    When I was put on anti-depressents I became more numb then ever. I couldn't feel any emotions, believe it or not. It was so bad I just lived life day to day. Went to school came home slept or we… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    so lost and blind to find my way
    What am I suppose to do? We had a daughter together and I really thought that she'd change him back to his old self but he's still the same old *** hole I hate to be with. I miss the old him so much just thinking about it kills me. I wind up feeling empty and so alone that I physically feel the pain for the loss if my once was true love. But what can I do? I want to find that love again but I'm terrified of being hurt like I use to be and when I found him, it was love but now the heart ache is to much. Knowing I might never find that perfect moment that I had with him ever again kills me. Will I be forever alone?… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Lost love
          I'm just an awful fiance and woman all together. I had the nicest guy ever and I had to go and ruin him by leaving him two times for other men each time. I was afraid of being hurt myself but at the same time I couldn't keep myself away from him he was so different than I was use to and I was just waiting for him to change, I suppose. So I screwed everything up by thinking he would turn out like the other guys and leaving before knowing and pushing him further and further away and now he really is just like those guys I hate. I feel so terrible for ruining my one true love because he will never be the same and everyday being with him is such a cruel reminder. Should I stay with him for… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    a soon to be mother, worried what she'll become
    For those that don't know me my name is Xierya. I'm 20 years old and have the most sweetest fiancee ever, my wolf soul mate nothing like typical guys who only care about one thing, he's also very funny so I know he'll be a great father to our daughter. I am 6 months pregnant will be 7 months by June 7th. And I have a confession.... I'm worried what kind of mother I'll turn out to be. I'm afraid I'll be as bad as my mom is/was or even worse then her. I can see some of her in me which scares me I don't want to be so mentally abusive like she was to me, I'd rather be more supportive and caring and nicer than my mom... I don't want to yell about the stupid stuff like my mom, I can tell when I ge… [more]
  • I destroyed my one true love

    Posted on: May 28th, 2013 at 11:28AM

    I know I took you're virginity but I wish I could give that back to you, just if I knew what the out come was in the end of it all and how hurt I'd be I would and should of never met you because I do now believe we are not soul mates and aren't suppose to be together it's what I feel in my heart and I think it's true.... As much as I do love you, you aren't yourself your old self at least and he was the one I was in love with not out going Shawn who hardly makes time for me or wants anything to do with me.... My heart keeps breaking every time I look you in the eyes because I can see your old self again and it kills me knowing you aren't really him anymore. I keep dying a little more and mor… [more]