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About stuck up in an island inside my mind can't remember you or anyone s'cool aayt??? hahahaha who you??? elo der fella... m HALE EDMUND my frens cols me MON, sum cols me HALI, my famly cols me MONDONG, my enmis cols me HAB, my closst fren cols me CHUBBIE, en u cn jst col me "H" i use the codename SIAM, m a male humn spcie, i ws born @ aroun 8pm on d 20th nyt ov June. w/c fals andr d zodiac syn ov gemin i m adroit, keenful-banterer en smtxms cunning or impish. e i tnd ta gt bored eacly dt i olwys wntd ta mov on ta d nxt subj. en ader tyms as my frame ov mnd changes i gt cursory en eratic. plus i cn do mor dn 1 thng at a tym. (awesome!) dt! fella's ol tru accdg ta da pipol around me. d 1's hu knw me bes. i am 5'3" tall en weighs 50kgs fair bdy built (dn't knw y dey col me chubbie), i got a Russet Skin Color, Archaic Brown Eyes, en Ink Black Hair. my fav color s green plus black. equals EDMUND. my fav number s 2, coz two s bttr dan one (as Boys Like Girls and Taylor swift sings background), i luv ta play lawn tennis evn tho i gt tired eacly. i luv ta write novels. bt i hvn't finshd 1 yt. (a proof to my zodiac description). i lyk watchng sci-fi movies en tv shows it stsfy my eye nids. i luv music so as music luvs me, cz evrytym i play a song it changes my mood ta sumthng positive (thnk positive!!! by ate jen.) i olwys olwys sing bfor going ta sleep. i lyk takng pctures ov myslf, cz i thnk 'm a great model (anyone interested?, beep me!). i luv cooking so much. cz i wntd ta eat wtevr i wnt wnevr i wnt. en nt jst dt. cooking myks me relaxed. 's an awesome feelng as i chop, throw, stir and, lstly i taste. my mom wans sed. i cn myk evry dish smells appetizing. i luv collctng xtraordnry names. i also change der spelling en myk it ear satsfying and unique. . . en u'l luv to write it ovr en ovr agen. i got 6,352 en countng. i luv readng books-sumtyms. i cn't liv w/o a pen en paper. as f d world wil end w/o dem wit me. i stil luv watchng cartoons en animes. i luv going out wit frens en hv nyt-outs, beach party, beer-nyts, smoking sessions (before). i cn't sleep wit shirt on. evn f 's cold. i dn't comb my hair. i dn't lyk d smell ov shrimps, crabs, shells en fish sauce it myks my mouth itchy en my eyes teary. my most embarassing moment s wen i got taken by d wind of a raging bus as i walk hom fr school wit frens wen i ws at grade school. they laugh at me for the whole week. happiest moment i dunno yet got so many can't pick up the best. what makes me laugh seems to be everything. i don't easily get angry. i smile everytime. no one can make me angry. except... when i couldn't find something. i woke up earlier than usual when i'm drunk the night after. sober makes my mind more awake. who am i? for me life is like a game and i don't want to make it too complicated. i tried very hard not to care so much, but i. . .can't! i might hold a grudge for a day or something. . .then it all goes away as if never happened. be careful on what you say to me, always remember: I NEVER FORGET HOW YOUR WORDS MADE ME FEEL. i would prefer to be alone rather than with someone who makes me feel like i'm alone. i am awesome, i am dope just remember that! i confuse myself 10x harder that i confuses others. silence is my loudest cry, if i am speechless my heart is too full with words. my mind is overflowing with thoughts or ideas and it can drive me crazy at times. i tend to always disconnect from people whenever they are busy. just coz my eyes don't tear doesn't mean my heart doesn't cry, just coz i come off strong doesn't mean there's nothing wrong. when i say "i'm almost there" it SOMETIMES means i haven't even left yet. i have a very fickle mind which can change for even a 100x a day. i get hurt easily, i'm just too good at hiding it. when you ignore me, it hurts like hell! i am shy at first but i do the stupidest random **** when i get comfortable with someone. i'm my own person and people can say whatever they want, i'm still going to be the person that i am. people have great difficulty reading me, i'm just too airy for them. . i concentrate hard but not very long. . once i stop caring. .it's a damn wrap! i am nice enough person to forgive you, but not stupid enough to trust you! i can change my mind rapidly, laughing at one moment and become serious a second later. i have the sweetest words but the sharpest tongue. Just remember, you break that bond with me?, its gone for good. LOVING ME IS EASY AND FUN, IF YOU DON'T TRY TO GET TOO CLOSE.
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