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I Fight Depression and Loneliness Everyday

This Girl.. I know this girl. She's young. She looks like the happiest girl in the world. She always did. But every day she's struggling from depressions. She always did. Fighting for... [more]
  • I Had a Perfect Kiss

    First Kiss, First Real Boyfriend, Still My Crush.. Exactly one month after my birthday. I was 15. I met this guy online. We'd talked with each other for a while. We wanted to meet each other. We met and went to his house. (Ye… [more]
  • I Am a Child Abuse Survivor

    Remember The Way She Loved Me I wanted to let this out..She abused me. My own mother..I can remember back when I was 3 years old. The time when you start to experience things and learn the easiest steps in life living … [more]
  • I Think Im Bi

    Am I Bi? There was this girl I went in class with last year. I don't know how t describe her, but she was just lovely in any way!Ever since the first day I saw her, she opened my eyes. And I became more … [more]
  • I Abuse Myself

    You're The Strongest One Here Browsing through my thoughts. Tears start to fall You're fading away I get scared. It hurts. I get angry. And so, I slap and puch myself in the face. Scratch … [more]