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I Have Weird Dreams

Special Guest Appearance By Anthony Bourdain In The Food Court Okay this is probably the weirdest dream ive had in a long time but what was happening , I was walking in side this bizzare (yes there was a huge aquarium that made up 70 percent of that place... [more]
XNGespenst has shared 9 Mature Experiences
  • I Am a Demon Hunter

    Who Are You?  I had a dream that keeps recurring but  I keep seeing a woman with red eyes  & white hair , I'm mystified by her , but what is she a ghost ,a demon , someones alter ego  or a… [more]
  • I Am Strong and Weak

    I Think This Might Be In The Wrong Category I am strong physically , & Headstrong/strategically, however i am weak emotionally , i can never really express myself around  people, namely of the opposite gender but this also due to being a part … [more]
  • I Am An Observer

    Watcher-gatherers "Vigilant eyes prepare & wait for many outcomes" our goal is to watch we are the ones who judge by the actions of many to predict outcomes and conflicts beforehand , our mission is just to  wait ,wat… [more]
  • I Still Have My First Cuddly Toy

    Deep Sigh *holds Back Tears* I (still) have a teddy bear , by the common name Teddy , ive had him ever since i had to have surgery on my ear , as a child who was abused  by my father (and as confused as i was as a child to grasp… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    Full women
    It starting to seem that fuller women figures are starting to appeal to me... then again I am not the most fit looking individual, I had to wear husky sizes most of my life......damn this wine is getting to me and now im feeling cold.… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    A perverted fantasy.
    I have a perverted fantasy of wanting to eat honey,chocolate syrup,jam or drink liquor (like wine) from inbetween a womans cleavage or  from off her breasts...(another side of me says this is sick.)… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Internal Space
    I have an obsession with dreams ,the psychology of it  and odd theories involving science & mysticism. I find it pathetic that this is one of my obsessions .… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I can't go through with it.
    I am not going to tell my friends mother I had a crush on her....I cant bear it.… [more]
  • This was a strange dream

    Posted on: April 11th, 2012 at 2:04AM

    Well what had happened was it had a lot to do with climbing platforms on a cliff near a waterfall by a lake on one of em I killed a snake ..... It was rather strange since it was in broad daylight  , As I looked up there was a large hand , it was waving side to side  atop the cliff . I had a bad feeling about it .... I didnt like this feeling when I made it to the top & drew closer to it  & then I woke up very con… [more]