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Favorite Quote Don't get high on your own supply.
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Vices I love breaking stuff that isn't mine.
Politics Anarchist
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Books White Fang
Music Anything that goes.
Movies Pitch Black , Scarface, The Chronicles of Riddick
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I Love These Lyrics

Linkin Park - Papercut Why does it feel like night today? Something in here's not right today. Why am I so uptight today? Paranoia's all I got left I don't know what stressed me first Or how... [more]
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    Just a story ...
    Hey dear person who is reading this. In the next few sentences you are going to read another pathetic story about how powerless and weak a person can become in just a blink of an eye. My name is Norbert and this is my story that just might end if I don't find a purpose for my life soon. I am your average high school dropout, the person who everybody hates, the one that everybody looks at awkwardly and whisper about when they see. I am 20 years old that might seem young to many but to be honest I already feel like i'm in my late 30's. I don't have a job and iv'e become addicted to almost all forms of pleasure. I'm using drugs ,alcohol and almost all types of technology and virtual realities j… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Is it only me ?
    Every time I go to the city  I feel like there are so many opportunities to take advantage off.(I live in a suburban area btw) I feel so empowered by the people I feel like I could do so much but I just don't know how. I feel like a king among people, I feel like I could do anything. I could do so much it's just that I lack some vital knowledge on how to be in control. I am a very manipulative person as you may have noticed and I try to make everything work in my advantage. I am this way because people have just become numb and stupid. I feel like I could make them do anything I ask it's just that  I still need to figure out some things that could impact my happiness greatly. I am somewhat n… [more]