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I Lost Someone Important to Me

I Lost One Of My Good Friends...not My Death, But He Won't Talk To Me Anymore. We had a great friendship. But one day, it went too far, and I did things I really regret now. I told him I had to stop...and he took it hard. I don't understand. All I said was I needed to stop...but... [more]
  • I Am Battling Self Harm

    You Can Never Trust Counselors. So I've been seeing a counselor for my depression & stuff. Yall know how counselors are there for you to pour all your feelings out, and you're supposed to trust them. Well months ago I was almost cau… [more]
  • I Am Battling Self Harm

    Not Good Enough. Worthless. Waste Of Space. Alone. I suffer from this awful addiction...but I love it too. I hate myself for cutting, but I cut because I hate myself. It's like I'm never good enough. I know people that cut...but I don't really feel co… [more]