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I like the feeling of dirt on my feet

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I Go Barefoot In Public

Kicked Out Of Ace Hard Wear The other day I went to ace to buy a new hinge for my back door. I didn't get far when I got inside the store. A clerk stopped me and demanded I leave the store until I have some footwear on. The... [more]
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  • I Go Barefoot to the Store

    My Dirty Pleasure I love to go barefoot to the store. I enjoy dirt and grime and any thing else nasty you can get on your feet. I walk through spills and other messes. Once I tried walking on a broken glass vase at hob… [more]
  • I Went Barefoot To School

    Shoes? I went to school barefoot till about middle school. I didin't feel a shoe on my foot till I was 13. And that was because my aunt bought me sneakers and mom told me to wear them. so I "lost" them accid… [more]
  • I Love Girls In White Socks

    I'm A White Socked Girl. I love wearing white socks without shoes in public. There's nothing better than ruining a perfectly good pair of socks. I have a likening for socks but a love to destroy them. I love my brite white tu… [more]
  • I Like Dirty Feet

    Feels Right I love the feeling of dirty things on my barefeet . I shop barefoot so I can enjoy the fresh suit on my feet. The best place to do this is at walk Mart the floors are dirty and the employees don't car… [more]