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I Am Jashinist

To Hell With Oppressive Non-believers im a jashinist and have been for 10 years. I hate people criticizing us when we dont do it to them so why the hell should we be oppressed while they go about theyre lives peacefully, to HELL with that... [more]
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    My tail
    Im a very shy person but as soon as I put on my tail i come out of my shell. Do any of you find this wierd?… [more]
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    I'm an adreneline junky :/
    Nothing gets me through the day like a good fight. It doesn't matter who it is student, teacher, or deputy. I never hesitate to push my limits. I have now counted (for myself over the years) 3 broken ribs. left arm(twice) right arm(cast iron replacement) several skull fractures, and countless cuts and bruises. I have been to asylums and mental institues nation-wide. In my home town i'm known as "The East Coast Demon" AND I HOLD THAT TITLE WITH PRIDE! If i am to be labeled a freak because of my addiction then so be it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Bye-Bye.… [more]