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I am a typer of words.

A reader of type.

I am an unthought-of thought.

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Favorite Quote \"Are you foolish enough to be wise or wise enough to be a fool?\"
  • 100% African American
  • and 100% American
  • and 100% Unknown
Vices Bitterness, forgetfullness
Politics Anarchist
Horoscope Scorpio
Special day 10-24
Books Clan of the Cave Bear, Black Boy, A Lesson before Dying, Brave New World, Slaughterhouse Five
Music All kinds
Movies Artifical Intelligence, Avatar, Iron Giant, Atlantis: the Lost Empire
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I Wonder What You Think Of Me After Reading All My Experiences

Quite A Bit Of Reading To Do There Well since I have 12,000+ experiences it would unrealistic for you to read all of them.But after reading some of them. Do comment how you think about me. [more]
XxJamberxX has shared 908 Mature Experiences
  • I Remember My First Period

    Branded With Shame I remember the first time I had my period.  Long before then, when I first learned about women's periods, I had a different idea on it.  When I was younger I saw it as a beautiful, spec… [more]
  • I Have 100 Reasons to Hate Myself

    Just 100? 1. I am a disappointment.2.  I never finish my homework on time.3.  I am an *******, even when I don't want to be.4.  I take up space.5.  I expect too much from others.… [more]
  • I Collected Bugs When I Was a Kid

    Roly Polies (pill Bug) I absolutely loved the little creatures that would arise from the soil underneath the side walk in the front of my house.  There was one year I think when I was in the fifth grade that when dozens (m… [more]
  • I Like The New Ep Reply Button For Story Comments

    I Didn't Try It Yet... ...but I know it is already awesome. Though I hope no one abuses it. I want to test it, someone make a random comment! Thank you =)… [more]