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im cool looking for friends random funny love coffee skateboarding metalcore or just music art and xbox360 games nd some what pc games

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I Am a Artist

list of a free websites that sells art beside etsy [more]
  • I Think I Have Ocd

    my girlfriend says i have ocd because i hate odd numbers i hate when i see it i eat food in evenly depends on what im eating i listen to music or t.v on even numbers just hate odd numbers and i hate … [more]
  • I Have a Dark Side

    when i burn bugs and frogs or torture them i get a hard on watching them suffer and die.… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    somtimes i dig my nails in my skin and i just want to die
    my family and friends (wich i dont got realy just one or two) don't listen and beleive me and my girlfriend left me last years so i got another one thats cheating on me and i just wanna blow ,y fukin head off so instead i scratch myself i told my friends and they told me dont do or think let that and if i tell my grandma or mama theyll think im crazy so i told my sister and she said oh me too and laugh like i was playin and i hate when people takes me for a joke so i just dont no what to do i dont want to get couneling but idk yo sombody just help me -_- if yall realy care -_- p.s im new… [more]