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Hi! I'm CielxSebastian. I usually draw random stuff. I'm insane, a spaz, random, awkward, & a dork. I'm always there for my friends. Also, I'm bi & want to be a boy someday. I'm a virgin so I would like to stay that way even online meaning don't talk about sex around me! Ever! I normally do anime emotioncons like ^_^ TT-TT >.< =(^w^)= and I rarely use the original emotioncons like :) :( only when I'm feeling a down. But there are some exceptions such as :D XD D: DX That's about it! Add me if you like :D if you do, expect a message from me. Ok, good luck!

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Favorite Quote STAY STRONG! Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.
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  • and 100% American
Vices The Internet, vampires, demons, friends, drawing, gum, fedoras, my hearts, Anime, EP, fanfiction, fanart
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I Have a Confession

My Miranda, size 6-7, thinks she's fat. Yet, I'm a size 13-15 and she thinks I'm skinny. Is she crazy? Or is she being polite? Trying to build my self-esteem? Making me feel better about myself? [more]
  • I Talk to Myself

    Still Have Imaginary Friends I know that's just plain weird that a teenager still has an imaginary friend. Well, it can get concerning because I have three. Bad, old habits die hard. Unfortunately, this habit hasn't died yet. Whe… [more]
  • I Am Struggling With Religion

    A Bisexual Catholic In a way, I contradict myself, but I know there are other people who contradict themselves more than me. Just recently, I heard in the news that there is a new archbishop in an archdiocese and h… [more]
  • I Like Emo Guys

    They Appear Cute To Me Like the title says. It all started with some pictures of Alex Evans and Alex McKee. Then, everything fell into place. People think I'm weird because of my taste of guys, but I don't care.… [more]
  • I Think I Am Ugly

    Yes, I Am Because I look like my older brother when he was younger. I'm not kidding. I showed a picture of my brother holding me as a baby and a lot of people think I'm the one who is holding the baby. Do I rea… [more]