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things happened not because you let it happened but because there's a reason behind.

i'M just an ordinary girl who wants to be invisible in the eye of others but visible in the eye of the persons that i love

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    my roommate
    my roommate had a girlfriend. she loved her so much but then suddenly they had a fight. but just a small one. they argued. they fought. but i know deep within, they loved each other. this was the words that my roommate blogged too. "i loved her. but love just ain't enough. do i love her for the reason of sentimental purposes? NO. i love her for being her. boring and childish. yet a sophisticated woman. i love her wholeness as a human being. i don't care about anything that anybody says about her. she makes me laugh. and thus, she makes me cry too. & i love her for that. she was my world. & no one could make me feel like this like the way i felt about her. she never knew that. i haven't got… [more]