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"Who are you?!"--someone asked me once after I read to him a little piece i wrote about myself being akin to a trojan horse injected into the fabric of society (the piece not long afterwards was thrown out by accident in a trash compactor at the Goodwill Bins)

"Man produces symbols unconsciously and spontaneously"--Carl Jung

Symbolically, as his name is a composite of polarities (JO from father John; RY from mother Mary), Jory's name befits his kind of global hypersymbolic and at times omniscient view, identified once in a classroom by a psychologist as "whole-brained," rather than exemplifying a polarized "left-" or "right-brain" aspect typically associated to people. Jory is a concrete poet, shaman's apprentice, and public Fool. He is aware that he becomes whatever beliefs are applied to him, yet instead of fearing enslavement, he has fun taking on each new world, like Atlas. Though he is seen at rare times, to confuse, anger, and frighten people, sometimes because of an insistence upon an appreciation of minor and seemingly trivial details, at other times because of manic outbursts in "improper" contexts, or even because of his kingly lifestyle which seems at first glance too easy to come by, Jory is, however, dedicated to a life free of pretense, giving of himself generously, exploring multiple perspectives, admitting honestly what he does and doesn't know. Recently, Jory has found he has begun living as a self-conscious character within his own omnisciently narrated and rapidly unfolding novel, complete with foreshadowing and an entire ensemble of strange archetypal characters who are no more or less as vital to the plot than himself. Together they are dissolving dualities as an intentional way of living. He is unsure, but he thinks he may be awaiting a deus ex machina. He takes this back. He's already made contact, he's sure of it.

When Jory is not staying at his beautiful Portland home in the Alberta Arts district with Steven, Jerry, Alex and Nora (Alex and Nora are cats; Nora lives in the library), he is either on a mystic sabbatical camping on the Oregon coast or somewhere in the forest, or he is paying a family visit in his hometown St. Louis (near Lewis and Clark's starting point in their Corps of Discovery launched by Thomas Jefferson to establish Westward Expansion).

Recently Jory has been living mostly in Facebook and the metaphorical Internet.

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