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Is There Anything Else Out There, Anything, Anybody? Isn't there anything else. I feel so trapped in this world. My battles are with myself, fear, medications, complacency. After seeing what most people do, I realize the best years of your life are when... [more]
  • I Want Affection, Closeness, Intimacy

    Affection And Intimacy Is Like A Forign Language For Me, Help! I'm 29 and never had a girlfriend or went on a date. I learned about women from my mom and my sister, and they are far from feminine. My mom and sister actually hate being feminine, they would never w… [more]
  • I Want Affection, Closeness, Intimacy

    There Is Something Seriously Wrong With Me, I'M Scared Of Women Is there something wrong with me? I don't work the way most guys work, I don't have any way or clue how to charm or even talk to women, in fact I'm afraid of them. Whenever I see women who are pretty,… [more]