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I Asking A Girl If You Can Wear Her Shoes

This was last January. A young lady in my college biology class was wearing these sexy zebra-print bow adorned flats. She is my size, so I asked if I could try them on. Unfortunately she is a bit... [more]
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  • I Had Crush On Teacher

    Falling In Love With A Teacher I actually fell in love with one of my teachers. She was fresh out of gradschool and only seven years older than me. It could have worked if I had not pushed her away, but thinking back on that, I was… [more]
  • I Remember The First Time I Crossdressed

    I don't completely remember the first time I cross-dressed because it was before I could make accurate memories. What I do remember are feelings and some details. I have a cousin 4 years older than me… [more]
  • I Crossdressed With My Cousin

    I was young. I think between 3 and 6. I loved when my cousin would drag out her box of dress-up clothes. Most of the time I instigated the cross-dressing. I would wear her dresses and heels and model … [more]
  • I Wonder, Do You Prefer Skirts Or Dresses As A Male

    Honestly, I do not have a preference one over the other. I like them both equally. Formal skirts are great for suit tops, and formal dresses for formal parties. Mid-length skirts and wedges are a grea… [more]