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I Sincerely

Dear Douchebag Brain, When I'm really tired and want to sleep, I don't wanna remember EVERYTHING that ever happened to me, I don't wanna think of future scenarios, I don't wanna find ways to end the world hunger(jk, I don... [more]
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  • I Sincerely

    Dear Guy Who Came Up With Windows 8, I'm really glad you're fired and I hope you'll never find your start menu as I can't find mine. Sincerely, Windows 8 victim.… [more]
  • I Procrastinate

    I Procrastinate I really do. You have NO idea how long did it take me to write this story. … [more]
  • I Listen To Songs That Reminds Me Of Her

    IRON & WINE - Such Great Heights … [more]
  • I Sincerely

    Dear 10 Year Old Me, I'm really sorry. Sincerely, Older you.… [more]