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hey just call me janna :)

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I Love My Family

Being Her Daughter ..... being her daughter like the best thing that ever happened to me ! how i wish she were here right now, holding my hands... like she used to .. i love her very much. but .. god love her more than i do... [more]
  • I Like to Read

    Please Do Follow Me !!!      For those who have a blog . please follow me. this is like my new blog. I also want to improve my grammar since i was s… [more]
  • I Love Someone That Does Not Love Me

    Well Its Okay :'( i liked him since i was 8. and now i already 18.. i dont know that my bestfriend liked him too. and of course i was so sad at the time she confess her feeling towards him.. the good news is the guy do… [more]
  • I Want To Give You This Poem

    Forever And Always. me and you. together we stand , share our love till the end of the world. you used to call me darling and i love it ! i love it very much ! till tonight could you do this to me ?? you're … [more]
  • I Liked Richard As Albus Dumbledore

    Because Of Her we used to be a bestfriend forever. but since that thing happened , i dont think so. friend , i love you so much. i dont know what is your problem. you jealous with me because everyone loves me everyo… [more]
  • Everybody's leaving :')

    Posted on: November 27th, 2011 at 9:19PM

    Like , just now i got a phone call from my best friend.. She told me that her grandfather passed away this morning and i was like.. Uhm its okay dear. One fine day, I also will die. All of us :) All we have to do is pray for them up there :) Im so gald. My best friend have a strong heart. She's not  crying in front of me , even i am her best friend. But i know.. Deep in her heart, she crying out loud. All i want her to know is.. i always be there for you baby :) iloveyou. And i will never go , like you grandfather did just now :) ILOVEYOU :) Take care..... :(… [more]


  • grrrr

    Posted on: May 20th, 2011 at 1:40PM

    who do you think you are ? angle ? oh sorry wrong typing. A PERFECT ANGLE ? hellooo ~ please , everyone makes mistake. even you. okay ? huh ! … [more]