Female , 18-21

Love bites sooo gewd wit that warming painful stinging pleasure as my sweet tastee Chicana blood slowly bleedzz in 2 your hungry sucking mouth,,,
I'm blessed wit all tha gewd in life that always seems 2 cum my way Lol,,,
"yo Lo"
My frens all say I'm fun 2 hang wit & be around especially those tastee fun guys Lol,,,
My favorite animal is Hello Kitty & my Favorite insect is a Ladybugg ! ! !
I Luv tha taste of japanese food in my mouth ! ! !
My Favorite kind of fruits are ripe, firm & filled wit sweet juicy ~ juice that explodes unexpectedly in my warm mouth,,,
I Love strawberries & whip cream ! ! !
Music always puts mee in a chillin mood,,,
Respect mee & I'll respect you,,,,

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Member Since Feb 23, 2012
Favorite Quote i'd rather die on my feet standing than on my knee's,,,
  • a little Mexican
  • and a little Irish
  • and a little American
Vices When it's feelin gewd,,,i can't help it,,,it's sooo *nAwTy* sooo *NiCe* wit that lil bit of tingly *Spice*that deeply warms mee from tha inside out (;
Politics Moderate
Horoscope Sagittarius
Special day
Books warm bodies, tha Hunger Games, Twlight Series, Harry Potter,,,
Music will i am, treysongz, taylor swift, selena, nicki minaj, britney spears, pit bull, black eyed peas,,,
Movies tha Hunger Games, tha vow, Twlight, New moon, Eclipse, Breaking dawn part 1, Breaking dawn part 2,,,
Local Time July 7th, 2:06 PM

I Have a Confession

I believe in God but do certain thnags i do like thses so called vices make mee a bad person or hmmm a better person? LoL :)- [more]
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  • I Remember My First Kiss

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  • I Like Scary Movies

    Gives mee tha Goose Bumps everytime 2 mee tha Exorcist is tha scariest movie i have Eva seen it just scares tha Holy crap out of mee everytime! i was in tha 4th grade when i was Xposed 2 it & saw it 4 tha 1st. time! i actually use 2 cov… [more]
  • I Love the Smell of Rain

    Rain on Mee i Luv tha smell of tha rain be4 tha storm...noing i'm gonna be caught up in it all! it's a nice refreshing calm that makes mee feel who i am! i Luv how tha wind wildly runs thru tha air clearing ev… [more]