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I Am a Man Who Likes to Wear Thongs

I first got into thongs wen my mom suggested I buy briefs cause I was aalways adjusting I tried and didn't reall like how they felt, so soon agfter I started trying my moms and girls... [more]
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  • I Have Had Erections In Public

    so I recently went to the holiday inn and for the first time wore my bikini was a amazing feeling with people around. I noticed too in the locker room there were mostly older guys with gy… [more]
  • I Wore A Thong Bikini In Public

    well I think im gonna love this new gym.. jus went for the second time and after my workout I went swimming but in something different than the swim bikini.. they were a enhancement bulge boxer that m… [more]
  • I Wore A Thong Bikini In Public

    so I finally got the courage to go to the holiday inn down the street and swim in my bikini was awesome! I am a straight guy but love my body and really trying now to express it and show … [more]
  • I Am Comfortable With My Sexuality

    well recently I went to the local holiday inn and finally got the courage to wear a bikini...but first, im 22 year olds straight athletic guy, that I think im comfortable with my body.. so I got the c… [more]