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life is going on! I AM NOW A CHRISTIAN.

A very depressed person.

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Favorite Quote From me: "My PRIORITIES are more important than another person's(or the world's) AGENDAS placed upon me!
  • a little Native American (Cherokee)
Vices The need to be loved, weed, weed, & sometimes feeding on my own negative emotions.
Politics Very Liberal
Horoscope Cancer
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Books Astrology & The Art Of War.
Music all kinds, alternative & Rap.
Movies the strange/unusual. Comedies, action, drama, & Sci-fi.
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I Am Depressed and Very Lonely

It Seems To Ba A Way Of Life For Me! I dont like to be this way, but i've experienced so many tragedys that it gets ssssssssooooooooooo hard to just "bounce back" afterwards!! My own family dont know that I'm thinking of committing... [more]
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  • I Love Men

    I Love Everything About Men I love their bodies, ....DAMN, their walk, deep voices, facial hair-all of their hair, muscles, simplistic / complexe ways. Sexuallity, smell when they sweat, strength- how they love REALL… [more]
  • I Am Submissive

    It's Sooooo Weird But It's Me.... Let me tell you, I've finally accepted the truth about myself. For years I denied that I secretly like to be submissive in the bedroom. When it comes to sex, recieving instructions are a turn-on for m… [more]
  • I Like to Make Out

    I Really Do! I remember this one time I met a college student-he was really sexy. We went to a club but later we got a room & all we did was kiss. We kissed so much ,our lips were sore. Then we kissed … [more]
  • I Am a Smoker

    I Dont Want To But I'm Now Addicted! I started only 3 years ago. Then I quit, but I picked it back up when I bagan to drink to dull my thoughts over my crappy life!!! Then I began to smoke when I got stressed, Now It's all of the time, I… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I am too tired
    I dont know how Im going to do this, but I'm stuck with two decisions.......ONE: Give up. And I don't have to elaborate on that one! TWO: throw caution to the wind & do what makes me happy. The problem is.....I've gone thru so many loses, bad & unfortunate things, like losing my  kids to a pervert ex to being institutionallized for suicide, to having my heart broken so many times I lost count! So my dilima is .... How do I be happy?????????? Well for starters, I wont cry over yet another failed relationship anymore! Then i weill give myself a new name, hairstyle, and habits. Then change my job or quit and finsh my education so that I can do what I love doing, instead of what I havt to to pay… [more]
  • I write what I feel!

    Posted on: November 6th, 2012 at 2:50PM

    This is me writting a poem on the fly.I miss our friendship, but when we became lovers, it seemed like we were on a sinking ship,I don't know what happened, when we meet we had a kinship,I swear, I should've never let you kiss my lips,It only led to the end,Of NEVER finding  someone who'll care about me, like you did EVER again,I'm hurting because I miss my friend!But instead of us being miserable together, I rather we be in bliss apart,Though leaving your life truly broke my heart,Yet, You moved on so quickly, I wonder if you cared for me AT ALL from the start,I saw on you F.B. page that you're now "In-love",Yes, it was painful to accept, but I can rise above,My own feelings & beGlad that a… [more]