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I am a happy guy who lives in present. A simple minded lover. I chose not to complain and pass the onus. I take my responsibility as good atand and go with it. If there is no bad, what good is "good" in fact. I just witness, and be.

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I Love My Wife

Uravashi (unforgettable Character Of A Woman) Indeed a poet like Ramdhari Singh Dinkar needs no introduction. He has been popular for his works that warms the revolutionary spines but it is also true that opposites always exist. Keeping apart his... [more]
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  • I Love My Sister

    Marriage Of A Sister My sister sadhna always said in childhood- "I will always be with you bro. ! " whenever we fought. It was a festival of Rakhi which made her so happy for gifts that I saw a ray of hope and heaviness o… [more]
  • I Somewhat Absent-minded At Times

    Absent Minded It is often a taboo to be absent minded. Tell me if you gave socrates or plato a letter to post at a particular point of time or asked them them to remember certain digits. They couldn't ! Their mind … [more]
  • I Don't Fear Death

    Wonder Death Once upon a time in foothills of himalayas,a sage came to be popular because of his wisdom and serenity.. One fine morning a person vistied his hut and asked him- O Wise man ! I am lively,full o… [more]
  • I Love Books

    Books Burnt And A Lot Learnt This is a salvation story which starts with no date and specific time. When words become the spears to kill men and their hearts, they decided to finish this culture by solemnizing themselves to the c… [more]