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I Am a Self-harmer

Self Harm Today, the only thing I have thought about is self harm:-/ I normally talk to my guy best mate about it but he's not spoke to me so idk what to do:-/ I've self harmed recently and I feel ashamed of it... [more]
  • I Am In a Long Distance Relationship

    Relationship i am in a long distance relationship, my parents know about him but dont know where he lives.. how do i tell them this? also he's recently started spending loads of time with this girl who he used to … [more]
  • I Relationships

    My Relationship i had an arguement with my boyfriend yesterday, about my feelings, he said he wants to have a break from the relationship, i explained to him that i know what i want and explained how much i love him,… [more]
  • I Have Anger Problems

    Anger hmm... i've got a really bad temper and when i get that annoyed i always take out on my mum, i've thrown things at her, hurt her and i dont know what to do on how to control it, i've asked people but … [more]
  • I Am Depressed

    Today hmm... today hasnt been a good day:/ ive been really down, i've tried to cheer myself up by doing different things and by talking to my mates but i just feel the same... i'm feeling really low and the… [more]