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Im a young beautiful women (:
High school. bout to graduate :D

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    Sad Story But touching (:
    PLEASEEE READDDD !!!!!!! Touching life changing story !! Okay.. soo when i was 13-14 my life was like not soo good :( I was suffering depression. Sucicied thoughts. Bullying. Okay.. soo people called me A slüt and everything you know i was just tired of it. one day i went up to a girl and punched her in the face and left her bleeding i got in school suspension for 2 weeks. After that at school everyone just gave me an ugly look.what hurt me the most is tht even my own frienda turned against me D': well what i thought to be my friends. soo all that happend at school. at home my brothers called me the baddest names ever my own father calles me a whòre and my mother well she was the only onw… [more]