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Heyyyy =^~^= I\'m a 16 year-old crossdresser =^~^=

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I Want to Go Out On a Date

So im just....idk....v.v no one wants to date me, I've asked out girls on dates and all of them have stood me up, or they didn't like me and now I just feel like everyone wantsme dead... before... [more]
  • I Am 13 Year Old Crossdresser, But I Need Help

    Me my name is tyler but i want to be called crystal. Im accually 14. I got busted by my aunt trying to steal a dress and she made me tell my mom. My mom told me that i was not allowed at her house and sh… [more]
  • I Love Nerf Guns

    Nerf War Part 1 well me and my cusin had an epic nerf war during my christmas party. the guns i have are the recon,longshot,longstrike,and the deploy cs6, along with 3 switch shot ex3, a maverick, and a moded night f… [more]
  • I Am Single

    Anybody Want A Tranny For A Girl Friend? im looking fora lesbian or bi girl that would want tto be my boy friend. my rules are i dont ****, i get ******, so if you want a 15 year old tranny for a girlfriend msg me ^^… [more]
  • I Love Nerf Guns

    Nerf War Part 2 when i got in the gerage, he was waiting. there was a color differance starting at the end of the gerage, and the beggining off the drive way. i walkd up to the line and said"as soon as i cross t… [more]