Transgender , 16-17
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Heyyyy =^~^= I\'m a 16 year-old crossdresser =^~^=

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I Want to Find a Master

Please Xc Ok yea I'm 16, but i still really want a dominatrix!! ill literally do anything you say and do like a pre-**** training so when i am 18 (which my birthday is on 2/25/15) i can be your ****, so please... [more]
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  • I Was Dressed As a Girl By Someone

    Can Anyone Force Me To Wear Girl Clothes? Anyone? first off i like girls[and maybe some guys,if they asked me out].this started at the age of 5 or sisters friend came over and they thought it would be fun to dress me and my friend up like a girl… [more]
  • I Am 13 Year Old Crossdresser, But I Need Help

    Me my name is tyler but i want to be called crystal. Im accually 14. I got busted by my aunt trying to steal a dress and she made me tell my mom. My mom told me that i was not allowed at her house and sh… [more]
  • I Was Forced To Take Female Hormones

    Please? Hey yall ^-^ I am Tyler, i turnd straight this past spring and.....well.....tbh......i ******* hate it :'c Yall, like seriously , i want to get rid of this guy body, and get a girls one ba… [more]
  • I Love Nerf Guns

    Nerf War Part 1 well me and my cusin had an epic nerf war during my christmas party. the guns i have are the recon,longshot,longstrike,and the deploy cs6, along with 3 switch shot ex3, a maverick, and a moded night f… [more]