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HI, I'm Megz!! I like reading, writing, taking pics, and listening to music.. I'm hard to figure out, sometimes, I am quiet, yes but if we're friends you know the quiet never lasts!!♥

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I Love Art

Artand Why I Love It I draw, I don't and didn't take classes either I'm just natural artist I guess!! I like reading books and then drawing how I think the charters look. The Scream painting is my faveorite art work... [more]
  • The Z flu: Chapter 1

    Posted on: February 22nd, 2010 at 9:29PM

    I remember it well, it was cold out and snowing. He drove me home, i remember thinking something was off about him. Not his face or his body but his mood he seemed tense it was odd, not him at all. I asked him what was wrong and ll I got was 'what.. oh.. Nothing' again odd. See he was a science geek, I guess he works in the lab under town hall with my dad, yea my dad's a geek to. Him and my dad are and were best friends in high school, but something didn't feel right that night. He had what looked like blood on his right sided sleve of his shirt, and when I asked him about it. I got 'don't worry about it Junes' Oh yea, I'm June Bale, but alot of people call me Junes or June- bug be… [more]


  • The Z Flu: Chapter 2

    Posted on: February 25th, 2010 at 1:28AM

    I called my father at 6: 30 am because he wasn't home from whatever Dr. Cast wanted to talk to him about, and I was a little worried I'll admit Dad was one of my best friends in that father- daughter way I could talk to him about anything and I loved it because it made Mom completely mad. Which if she hadn't been cheating on dad, It might have been easier for me to talk with her but every time I'd try to I was either a liar or wrong and I hadn't seen it right or heard right to her I was just a stupid kid with a over the top imagination. Yet dad believed me and my brothers (Shaun and Kris by the way) did too, Shaun was two years older then Kris making me the baby of the family. I hat… [more]