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I Want to Know If You Have Ever Been On a Nudist Beach

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    Oh no.. tokens. That can drive me crazy as I love to give gifts and thank U notes to my friends. This is the only thing here that drives me crazy. NEVER ENOUGH BLOODY TOKENS. But I can not buy them and I think it is ridiculous that U are encouraged to buy them.Friendships should be encouraged for free. Tokens should be for free.GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR anyway it is me or someone else too????… [more]
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    Fed up, just fed up..........
    Negative everyday experiences have no limits any more. People used to go by the saying that:  Fire, Waterloo and government know no mercy. I would extend it to:and people's rudeness have no limits.Well anyway it is just the way of living I believe and it is just wills not get better. I do not know how I am going to cope with this unless I will be locked away into insulation somewhere.But this can not happen. Shame.Wherever I turn everywhere is ignorance, attitude and rudeness, people do not care about people any-more as money make the main point for  these days.… [more]
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    I am a softy...
    Yes I am. I got so many times disappointed in people, I was let down by others I helped them so many time, I never and I mean never got back anything in return (do not mean materialistically). I still did not learned my lesson. I still give, and like giving more then receiving. Love the expression on people's faces when they receive, the surprise, the emotions.I am old enough so I am giving up the idea of changing myself. I just will stay the way I am, and will take further disappointments for helping others.My last help was: I took in a girl with drug history from the street. I straggled with her psychoses and side effects from her withdrawal.for 3 years. I gave her shelter, food, helped he… [more]
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    Killing myself softly.....
    yes I am. I am a diabetic and a sweet addict at the same time. So I presume I am killing myself softly. Do not try anyone to convince me bout will power. Does not have it any more. GONE. Only my sweets are left to comfort me and I love every moment of it.Here my DR and my diabetic nurse and dietitian please read this. I know I am making fun of myself but it is a serious mater and I am so far lucky not to have complications. So far.....… [more]