Female , 41-45

Honest ,Insecure,lonely,too trusting,caring and trying to improve in all areas of my life.

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I Was Married to a Alcoholic

Alcoholic Ex Frightened My Neighbors Too I was 19 when I married my Ex, he was 30.They say age doesn't matter and in this relationship it wasn't the problem, Alcohol was.I was some what naive back then and didn't see my Ex... [more]
  • I Gave A Baby Up For Adoption

    A Child Having A Child I was 14 when I had my first child, I prefer not to go into all the circumstances ¬†surrounding this time of my life etc.........I know I should have but I didn't tell my husband before we… [more]
  • I Mispell A Lot Of Words

    Spelling Errors And More. I like to write stories and poetry and it annoys me that I make so many spelling errors and other errors.¬†People say that with the help that you can get from programs on the computer I shouldn'… [more]
  • I Am Always Thinking Negitively

    Negative About Positives. Even when things seem to be going my way in my life for a change I turn anything positive into a negative.The strange thing is I can be positive to others and truly mean what I say but I c… [more]
  • I Battle With Weight Issues

    Life Is Short And Weighty I am short and over weight and have been getting heavier ever since the age of fourteen.Like so many other people I have tried this diet and that one, this exercise program and that one. S… [more]