• googoohump

    Johan Santana got his no hitter :D the first in mets history!!!

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  • rmichaels

    Green grass and brown sand in the infield, sitting behind and above home plate and the ump with my fellow score keeping/data gathering buds, temperature in the 80's but the low humidity and slight breeze making it a most incredible "day in the park" afternoon little league championship play offs game Spring/Summer day 1989, and we WON WON WON!!! YEAH, GO MUSTANGS!!!! Houston/Alief, Texas. (Thanks to my son and 11 other great kids who at the beginning of the season, according to the "regulars" didn't have a snow balls chance to even win one game, and thanks to Coach... the Bad News Bears Incarnate!!!) Yeeaahh, memories :-)

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  • pinkylady

    1993 when i was born!

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  • Manorkill1

    Day game, 1989, Fenway Park, Red Sox/Indians. My 15 year old son and I arrived wearing our brand new Yankee jackets. No sooner had we found our seats a Boston thug threw a half-eaten hot dog at us splattering mustard all over Jamie's new jacket. He threw it back and hit the guy in the back of the head. I hustled us out of there. Why would Yankee fans give a **** who won between the Indians and Red Sox anyway? We enjoyed the lobster dinner before we left town.

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  • Ridgerunner72160

    Well, the first game I ever went to was pretty memorable. We're from the southwest corner of Louisiana, not too far from Houston and the Astrodome was called the Eighth Wonder of the World back in the late '60s. Anyway, I went with my parents to see the Astros play the Pittsburgh Pirates. Unfortunately Pittsburgh won the game, but I remember being amazed by the Astrodome. I'd have to say that the most memorable game I ever went to was a few years later in 1973. I was 12 years old and my dad took me to see the Astros play Cincinnati. The Reds had won the N.L. pennant the year before and although the Astros were my team, it was a lot of fun watching players like Pete Rose and Johnny Bench. After the game we waited outside the Dome so that I could get autographs. I remember Pete Rose and Sparky Anderson being really nice to the fans. However, it was kind of late in the summer and we had to hurry back home afterward when the news announced that a hurricane was in the Gulf and may hit either the Texas or Louisiana coast. I sure do miss those days when going to a game at the old Astrodome was a real treat.

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  • karakara1

    I have been to see major league games but none of those experiences, as great as they were, compare to my old days playing softball. I have never been much in my life... I was a loner and painfully shy but when I was playing softball I was happy. I was good at it :) My dad taught me how to catch a ball starting at age 3. We would sit on the back porch and he would toss it to me gently and I would catch it. Once I had caught it 100 times, I was pleased. The game was my idea, don't think my father put pressure on me to excel in sports! He was and is a good father and man. So I had been preparing to play softball since age 3, joined an all boys tee ball team at 4 and then finally moved on to "big girl's" softball. At 10, I discovered I could pitch too. The last year I played, I went up to bat, first pitch I hit a perfect line drive straight into left center. I made it all the way around to 3rd base before they got the ball back infield but made it to home plate in time but had to slide and I hated sliding! The game began great but our defense was terrible that day. I wasn't pitching that game and the girl who did pitch kept walking everyone. She would walk them or throw a perfect pitch so they got a great hit. We were losing bad - embarrassingly bad! Finally, my coach put me in. I threw my first pitch... strike, second pitch... strike and then finally a third strike. The rest were the same and we were finally up to bat and our batting was awesome that day so we came up from way behind to actually win and I was actually "someone" and I was proud of myself and happy... a very rare thing for me.

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  • LickUnderSkirts

    When i snuck into Fenway Park for a Red Sox/ Yankees game, ended up sitting in field box seats behind home plate and Jacoby Ellsbury stole home.

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  • etman


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  • zbignue

    My cousin,Alan, and I got up very early to be able to get to Wrigley Field in Chicago to stand in line for tickets to the World Series game between the Cubs and Detroit Tigers. That was in 1945 when I was 15 and Alan was 16. After standing in line for many hours, the tickets were about to be placed on sale when we were told to step out of line by a cop. The first thing we thought was we were in trouble for truency. But, the cop made us a proposition: Buy the maximum amount of tickets allowed per person, which, if I remember correctly, was four per person, and he would send people who got there too late to by tickets over to us and we could "scalp" the tickets and split the money with him and his partner. That worked out great since the cops were our benifactors. We made a lot of money but, didn't get to see the game because we'd rather have the money than keep two tickets for ourselves. As it turned out, Chicago lost the game and the series anyway. Just a lesson in Chicago political corruption that continues to this day.Chicago has been in the World Series since then but has not won since I can't remember when.

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  • GotIssuesNeedTissues

    I loved going to A's games years ago with my ex. We were broker than broke, but would make a day of it. We sneaked dollar burgers from McDonalds in my purse, bought cheapie nose-bleed seats, and splurged on drinks and garlic fries. When the beat of the sun became unbearable, we'd sneak down to the lower section. Oh, the good memories.

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