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Posted by Anonymous
on January 2nd, 2008 at 7:06 PM

I had sex with my 18yo drunk sister in law on new years. I am 41 and she was staying over-we all got really drunk-she was flirting with me and had a cute little skirt on. around 2am the wife passed out and I helped the sis in law to the pull out couch. She was so wasted that I was getting to feel her up while I helped her over there-I took off her top and her shoes and pulled the covers over her-then I decided I wanted to see here bottom-so I moved the sheet and pulled up her skirt-she called me by her boyfriends name so i started carassing her legs and eventually got to her thong covered shaved Pus%y. As I rubbed her she was moaning and told me to *** her-so I pulled my pants down and entered her-she never looked back and I just got on top of her and Fukd her for all it was worth-I even pushed my finger up her bum.she came twice I think-and I didn't want to come in her so I unloaded on her butt-got a napkin and cleaned her up-she was mumbling about how good it was then snoring-the next morning she was so hundgover she didn't remember anything and had to get sick. whew Next I'd like to do my wife and sis together.

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