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pictkr - 41-45 years old - male

Posted by pictkr
on June 2nd, 2009 at 6:50 PM

This is short, embarrassing but still gets me hard thinking about that night.

One of those nights where I tried to get my wife drunk  but needless to say, I got wasted and remember only a little bit except for the pictures and videos she took and what she tells me happened.

We arrived at a beach as it was getting dark.

She took some small rope we kept in the car for camping and tied my balls with a slip knot and left me with only my shoes.

I was embarrassed but drunk enough to not really care. She tied my hands behind my back and led me to the beach where I was in plain sight of whoever happened to walk by.

I remember being led to a very large log that had fallen over and she made me lay backwards against it and put my arms behind me over the back of the log.

I faced outwards with a huge hard on that was like a flag pole now.

She tool the rope and spread my legs wide open about 4+ feet apart so there I was all tied up arched backwards legs spread wide open for her to do whatever she wanted and I was scared but loving it at the same time, what a feeling.

She stood back and took pictures and as it was getting dark, she was using flash.

The flash got the attention of several girls up the beach who were crocked and came to see what my wife was doing.

Once one saw me sprawled out and spread wide open, they asked my wife if they could have some fun and my wife said go for it but don't do anything permanent to him as I have need of him later.

Now with 6 strange girls/women thinking about what to do with a wasted naked man with a hard on and spread wide open and his nuts just dangling there, they wanted to learn about a mans balls and how far he can take pain.

They asked my wife who said go or it, just nothing permanent.

Each one took their turn getting a hand full and squeezing them as hard as they cold grab. The third one thought to ask if she could spank them and again, my wife said go for it but nothing permanent.

She grabbed my nut sack and in one hand got my balls cherry red just by her grip then in the other hand, she reared back and gave them a firm hard spanking 3 times.

I started to scream in pain they told me to shut up but the pain was intense and then the next one liked what the one before her had done so then she asked to do the same.

Again my wife gave the conditional permission and as I started to scream one of them took off her panties and shoved it into my mouth so I was now bound and gagged.

They asked to do more and somewhere my wife must have lost her common sense so she said sure.

Now they were taking pictures of this guy (me) all tied up, red/purple nuts sack, balls separated by rope and totally helpless.

One of them says to "give him some wine, let’s keep him drunk".

They forced me to drink an entire bottle of wine.

They get my **** hard again by rubbing it and as by this time, I lost the hard on and once it was hard, they each took turns slapping it from side to side.

Shortly after that, I don't remember a thing.

The cell phone videos that they took are probably on you tube but they show me tied to the front seat in someone’s car with the seat laid all the way back and galls tied to the top of the door through the open window.

Then they drove though what looked like every drive through in town, or at least some town with the drive through girls all wanting to go get their cell phones to take pictures and they let them. I know because I watched their videos several days later that they gave to my wife somehow.

Well, that was my night, if it was not for the pictures and videos, I am sure I would not have remembered the half of it.

My balls recovered and I limped for the entire next day but I have to admit, I would do it all over again.

I want to know when my turn is to do the same to them…

pictkr at inbox dot com

I hope to get some ************ videos from you ladies out there.

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    im hard

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