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forbidden lust

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Posted by Anonymous
on June 23rd, 2009 at 2:39 PM

This neighbor that lives right next door 2my sons mother is really attractive and on our 1st meet she came on to me right infront of bm(babymoms). She's older than me I'm 39 . She's started talking sexual 2yrs ago and I fed right into it but never replied until the 2nd yr but she inturn turned me down after all that talking secretly sexually to me. We've exchanged numbers(all secretly)sexual texts but nothing never came of it and I nolonger live on that block(not bcus of her though) but I come get or see my son and I see the neighbor and she still sayz things but not sexual anymore. Temptation is so strong but as it looks its nothing but her bein single and lonely looking for sum1 to mentally play with but I'm well aware of her but still attracted to her . We've never had time alone so I can tell to stop only bcus I want it to happen and if not leave it alone. We've been at this for 3yrs now . Flirting,joking(me)sexual talks(her)

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