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My friends's husband touched me!

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Posted by Anonymous
on August 7th, 2009 at 3:38 AM

My husband and I ( Kate & Jack) along with our best couple friend (Anna & Ben) were on a vacation and went clubbing one night and as I was smoking with Ben outside, he kissed me and after a moment asked me what I think would happen if our spouses see us! I said I am open with Jack and it wouldn't be a big deal and Ben said but it would be a big deal for Anna if she sees us like that! I felt terrible and stoped there and got back to the club, thinking why he kissed me in the first place and then asked me that question!  After an hour when I was terribly drunk and dancing hard, Jack(my husband) told me he is heading to the hotel as he was too tiered and I still wanted to stay and Anna asked him for a lift and so my husband and Anna left. I was a drunk dumb to stay there with Ben not knowing that it was a terrible mistake. After My husband and Anna left, Ben kissed me for several times, I would lie to say I had no pleasure in that. I had ,because I quite liked Ben as a friend but I was sure I would never like kissing him while sober. After a while when he was quite drunk he started telling me that he wanted to be with me since he first saw me and how sexy I am and blabla! and started touching me and make me to touch him too.  Anyway, we stayed for an hour or so and then he asked to leave and get a hotel room somewhere to be able to sleep together!! Although I was quite drunk, I couldn't digest that suggestion and said I can not do that and he was begging me like a kid...I didn't get convinced and walked him all the way to the hotel (where all of us were staying) , although before getting to our hotel we did some stuff close to sex behind a car. We got to our hotel rooms and separated. When my husband opened the door and I walked in, I started crying like a baby! I couldn't stop myself ...and I told him everything...although my husband and I are quite open regarding to having another experiences, he was very upset thinking that his best friend has betrayed his wife and his friend!

Next day, Anna didn't seem to know anything and I was not sure if it made me happy or sad! after 2 days we went out again to a bar one night and when Ben was drunk ( not sure if he was really drunk or pretending to be drunk) he pulled me and tried to kiss me in a corner when he thought Anna is not there, but I saw Anna watching! after that, they had some discussions around the bar which they didn't want Jack and I to know about it...

Our vacation was not the same from that moment felt like we were just tolerating each other than enjoying each other and just pretending that everything was ok....

When we got back home, after a week, I sent them an email asking to come over to our place for dinner along with some other friends , I am not sure why I was trying to pretend nothing had happened. Ben called me straight after my email and told me that Anna is very upset and don't wanna see me ! he said let's give it a few weeks and maybe everything gets better. He said he hasn't told Anna everything happened between us, but Anna thinks that if we were kissing me that night ( Anna missed the part that Ben was pulling me and tried to kiss me) what would have had happened the other night when it was just two of us! Ben said that Anna thinks that it's all my fault (me as Kate!) and I didn't say anything.....

I know it's my fault that I stayed in the club that night with Ben and I didn't stoped him, but I tried to forget it after that night and was feeling so guilty of doing such a thing to my friend Anna, but it was Ben who kissed me in front of his wife the other night meaning he was still wanting that!

Our friendship has gone and we haven't seen each other for a couple of months, but what makes me very upset is that Ben is a very good liar and I am sure it's easy for him to lie to Anna about the reality of what has happened. I thought of talking to Anna, but what stops me is that I would suffer but eventually ok if I lose a friendship, but if Anna knows that she couldn't trust her husband anymore that would be a great deal for her. I am not sure what she thinks of me and that makes me craaaaazy! I called her the other day just talking about normal stuff , she sounded kind of normal... but didn't say anything about seeing each other....

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