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on August 22nd, 2009 at 3:50 PM

I fell in love with a married women, I am married myself but separated for sometime now.

I never thought that I would put myself in this situation but when I met her we had a strong connection right from the start.

We met at work, I saw her just about everyday but I never spoke to her, there was something about her besides her beauty that caught my attention but I wasn't sure what it was or what I was feeling inside of me every time I was saw her. One day I was getting ready for a meeting and she walked into the room, I felt a rush and the need to speak to her, just to break the ice I asked her a question, when she responded as I looked into her eyes she was taking pieces of my heart, since that moment we became good friends.

Time passed and are friendship took a turn as we chatted online, I was realizing that there was something more to the connection I  felt between us, I was right, she confessed, the same feelings I had for her she also had for me.

We decided to meet after work to talk about what was happening between us, we selected a small resturant near our job, I left before her, when it was time she walked into the restaurant I knew that I would fall in love with her.

we talked about our friendship and our feelings, everything felt so perfect between us it was like we where made for each other. When it was time to leave we kissed and I can say that at that moment we fell in love.

5 months has passed, her husband found out about us and the affair and he has tried to keep us apart by making threats of keeping her children away from her and telling her 15 years old daughter everything, she loves her 2 children and out of fear of losing her kids she decided to stay with him but we are already in love and don't want to be apart. We said to him that we will stay away from each other but he knows that we are in love.

We see each other before work, at lunch , and after work,  we also have a private cell to keep in touch as much as we can.  We spoken about getting a lawyer to understand her rights and we are making plans for a future together but at the moment we are dealing with the situation at hand.

Our love just keep getting stronger, the situation is difficult but when we are together just holding hands we know we cant let go.

I don't know what will be of us in the future but I know that we love each other and that we are in love and every moment I spend with her is special for the both of us, our kiss feels always like the first time and at time as people pass and see us kissing they comment saying there is some much passion between you two, they are right.

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