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on January 21st, 2010 at 9:18 PM - Chola Bracelets, today's new hot Chicana trend. A great number of Chicana Rap Artists have embraced the rebirth of Chola Bracelets, which were originally made popular in the early 1980's...Chola Bracelets are making a big comeback...

The comeback initiated in great part by the very popular Chicana Rap Artists who have adopted and embraced the Chola Bracelets.

Two Chicana Rap Artists who wear the Chola Bracelets like a second skin are Doll-E Girl and Sleepy Loka, they proudly display their Chola Bracelets in public, at shows, and in their very popular, Chicana Rap Music Videos.

I confess, i find Chola Bracelets to be very sexy, indeed...what can i say, i love everything that is Chola, LOL !

Chola Bracelets have become popular again...would you wear them again?

For a great number of Chicana Rap Artists...the answer is yes!

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