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btonnc - 46-50 years old - male

Posted by btonnc
on February 21st, 2010 at 1:44 PM

Some other confessions made me think of my first sex.  It was with my high school girlfriend.  A nice petite brown haired cheerleader with a great *** but not much for ****.  She loved rubbing against my hard ons and putting her hand down my pants and I had fingered her a number of times.  She was babysitting her younger brother and sister so we were alone after she put them to bed.  She and I were all over each other and I had my hand up her skirt rubbing her ***** for awhile when she stops me and leaves the room.  When she came back she had one of her Dad's condoms in her hand. We went into the bathroom in case her brother and sister woke up and I slipped her panties off.  She undid my buckle and unzipped my pants and pulled my **** out.  She rubbed it up and down kind of admiring it.  She whispered to me how nervous she was but I was full speed ahead.  Not knowing what the hell I was doing I had her slip the condom onto my ****.  Then she laid on the bathroom floor (very romantic!!) and I spread her legs apart.  She had a very full bush.  I placed the head of my **** at her ***** lips and she just repeated I am so nervous so i started to kiss her.  Finally, her ***** got very wet and I slipped my **** into her slowly.  She was so unbelievably tight on me.  She gasped as I pushed into her.  I remember thinking that I wasn't going to last 3 strokes as tight as she was.  She was feeling a little pain and even bled a little.  I think I lasted 5 strokes and then shot my load.  She said that part was very exciting but she didn't come close to ******.  In fact it took several more times of exploring each other that we really started enjoying it.  When we got to that point though, I couldn't wait to do it again.  She was very good, very giving and had no problems having *******.  We started seeing other people when we went to college but any time we could hook up we did and it was always fantastic.  She told me that she could control me.....which pissed me off but really was true.  I would do anything almost to **** her again.

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