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toms0321 - 66-70 years old

Posted by toms0321
on May 1st, 2010 at 7:48 AM

 I have done some research into the Benefits of Wearing a Girdle for both males and females.  Some of what I discovered that actually which has not been known and actually not told to the rest of us that for most women wearing a girdle daily is their best kept secret.   This secret was back way before 1940 ties, 1950ties, and 60ties.  What happened in the 1970ties and with the onset of the progressive feminist movement and as many can remember burn the bra and anti corsets and girdles.  The negative public relations brought down a whole industry of foundation wear.  I found that out in doing some research into my own family and to other research that actually women who daily wore girdles and corsets loved being in this type of foundations, they felt very comfortable, very much together, with lots of confidence and energy - this was and or is their best kept secret, and never really told.   Back then you heard about women who would come home and couldn’t wait to take their girdle or corset off.  After I researched further what I found out  that women who felt this way actually had never had the experience of being properly fitted in a girdle.

 I remember when I was very young in the forties and early fifties that my mother, grandmother, and aunt who lived with us all wore very firm girdles and corsets.  They would go to a corsetiere for a fitting at least once a year.  There were never ever complaints about discomfort about being in a girdle or a corset.   They loved how they looked and felt in a firm girdle and foundation.   I remember that even when just relaxing around the house they were always either in a girdle or a corset.

I remember hearing about how women did not feel dressed unless they were in a girdle.  How a woman did not feel they could leave their house unless girdled.  I even remember my mom aunt and grandmother talking about "Girdle Dependency".  I always wondered about this and wanted to do some research into this.  

Then I also wondered about myself could I also like being girdled daily, could I as a male also feel that I am not dressed unless I am girdled, and is "Girdle Dependency" real.  And as I felt that wearing a girdle at one time was a women’s best-kept secret.

What happened in my case I have always had a girdle corset fetish, but I never found the need to daily be in either a girdle or a corset?  As I became older I started getting a small stomach and a mild case of scoliosis.  I started having troubles getting into my pants, plus because of the mild scoliosis my posture wasn’t the way I really wanted it.  Since I had some experience with girdles and corsets, and the women in life all wore girdles and corsets, I decided to look into the possibilities of like them wear a girdle every day. 

Trust me on this one – since I am male I knew very little about girdles so at first I went to various department stores and bought girdles, I tried them on, but I found they didn’t do exactly what was needed in supporting both my stomach and back.  They were either too lose too tight and did not give me the needed support.

Looking back and remember about my grandmother, mother, and aunt that they were always fitted by a corsetiere I decided to find one that would give me a fitting, plus also teach me what I needed to learn about daily wearing a girdle.  Searching for the right kind of corsetiere that would fill my needs was really tough, since there has been lots of negative PR against girdles and corsets, and also being a male.  What I found I was looking for if I could find this kind of person was a person who was male friendly, plus very knowledgeable about all of the different makes and models.  Plus somebody who truly understood both the psychological as well as the psychological effects of being girdled.  I also wanted somebody who also understood and wore a girdle daily.  I guess this was asking a lot, but I felt I wanted to try and understand what is like to become “Girdle Dependent”, and what it is like to feel like I wouldn’t be dressed unless I am well fitted in a girdle.

After some researching I finally found somebody, she was perfect and was more then willing to not just fit me in the right kind of girdle, but also give me the needed psychological support.  She had a full understanding of “Girdle Dependency”, how to get me to the point where I would never feel dressed unless girdled.  She said talking to her on the phone that working with her that would happen.  She explained that  once she fits me and consults me that I will always need to be girdled for life.  She knows from her own personal experience and others.

After talking to her for a while I set up an appointment so be fitted and consulted.   The day of the appointment came and trust me I was really nervous, I drove to the corsetieres office, and met with her, I found her very charming, and very nice., and like I had researched it was very much like going to a doctor. 


When the time came in all honesty I was rather nervous, but also excited.  I remember driving over to her office and arriving, I met her, she is a very sweet lovely older lady.  She told that once she can fit me and consult me that wearing a girdle daily will totally change my entire life.  

The first thing the corsetiere did was look at me both my stomach, back and my posture.  She told me it was very obvious that I sure needed to be in a girdle.   She could tell that since my stomach sticks out that that  over the years of not being girdled that my stomach and back muscles needed a girdle to help hold and support me.  She told me that once she gets me in a girdle I would notice how much better I would feel .

She first had me ***** to my underwear.  She also asked me questions as to my level of physical activities and my life style.  All of this helped her in the kind of make and model of girdle she would put me in.  In my case I am fairly active but I also do a lot of sitting in front of computer.  This told the corsetiere that I needed to be in a fairly long legged high waist boned and zippered panty girdle, like Rago 6210 

The next the corsetiere did was to measure both waist and my hips.  Then she picked out the girdle Rago 6210.  She told me and she was really tough about this that there is a right way and wrong way to put on a girdle.  I never realized that there is a right way and a wrong way to put on a girdle, but trust me the corsetiere really knew what she was talking about.  She had me put on the girdle around my legs, then lie down on a bed, lean myself way back, this pulled my stomach back towards by rib cage then she had me pull up the girdle – she then had me hook up the hook and eyes then stand up, she helped me pull up the zipper.  I felt an amazing relief and surge of energy all over me.  I have never felt so comfortable and relaxed with some much energy, I was amazed.  The corsetiere knew this would happen she was prepared.  I had never felt anything quite like it.  She then told me to just relax my stomach muscles and leave them relaxed and just let the girdle hold me in.

Having that much support in both my stomach and back was absolutely wonderful.  I found that by relaxing my stomach muscles and letting the girdle just hold and support me this helped in dramatically increase my overall energy and confidence.  To my pleasant surprise my mild case of scoliosis went completely away, my posture sitting, standing and walking had improved at least 100 percent.  And was able to get into my pants.

She also checked me out, had me stand stoop and move around, she took her hand and felt to make sure my stomach was firm and flat, and supported which it was.

The corsetiere explained to me that relaxing and letting the girdle support my stomach and back muscles takes a little time to get use to, but very important.  She told me eventually over about 2 weeks to a month that my stomach muscles would become use to the support.  I found she was right what would happen if I would not be in a girdle my stomach would stick out, and I actually started getting lower back pains.  She explained that over about 2 weeks to a month of daily being in a girdle that ones muscle memory in ones stomach becomes use to the support, which is actually a good thing.

Part of the support also included creating a good habit, she had me wake up every morning, clean up and then first thing put on a girdle.

She also explained that in order to be girdled every day that I needed a minimum of 3 girdles one to wear, one to wash, and one in the draw.  Eventually she explained that like most people when you once become girdle dependent over a period of a year or so you will find the need to buy quite a few girdles, 10 to maybe up to 20. 

She explained that what I would find that I will need to be fitted and consulted by a corsetiere at least once a year.  What also happens interesting enough once you are “Girdle Dependent”, a girdle becomes your most important part of your wardrobe.  Which it has, and now know what I remember as a kid, my grandmother and mother use to talk about how they were “Girdle Dependent”, and they didn’t feel dressed unless in a girdle.  I know what that is like – and actually once use to being held in by a girdle you really love it.  It gets to the point when even just relaxing around the house you need to be girdled.  I am just wondering if other have had this type of girdle experience.


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  1. SheRunsAway - 26-30 years old - female

    Posted by SheRunsAway on May 1st, 2010 at 10:55 AM

    lots of male celebrities wear girdles, William Shatner, for instance!

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  2. Anonymous

    Reply by An EP User Apr 21st, 2015 at 9:28AM

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