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XxJamberxX - 18-21 years old - female

Posted by XxJamberxX
on June 14th, 2010 at 2:08 PM

It is that at even the end there would be her.  She was young and she was hopeful.  She was a Fool to believe, but she was okay with that.  She was foolish to think the world would change in her reflection.  When she was denied that fate and given one with deeper meaning; She fell in love, with her story.  It amazed her that she, an unthought thought, was real now.  Time kills, and time passes.  As it does, the challenage is an easy one but the obstacles are hard.  Why must I deal with these people; Who thinks that just because the family structure is something that has been it ought to be?  So she the real her, fades into the abyss of her mind.  Waiting for someone to touch her heart.  It was her greatest wish to find another of like mind, just like her's.  But it was too much to ask for.  It was her also her Greatest hope that she'd be unique within All things, but it is that it is her Greatest Fear.  To be so unique that no one could relate on the level she'd want them too.  So she faded, and faded, and faded into Nothing....She is tries to be All things.  But if she is the one who tries and fails, then what is she?

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