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DenJeans - 46-50 years old - male

Posted by DenJeans
on August 4th, 2010 at 2:21 PM

I am a single bi-sexual male, 6'2" and live in London.  For as long as I can remember, I have had a Fetish about old, worn Levis 501s...buttonfly Blue Jeans....on both girls/women and guys. I like to make them part of the 'action'/'fun' - The Sex!

Some years ago, during a 501s session with a mate, he asked me to pull on my black leather gloves - and somehow, they ended up around his throat, after a GOM [Glove Over Mouth - and nose].  He whispered 'tighter.....tighter....' and we both became so horny, as I STRANGLED him. Our Blue jeans were soon spunked!

We played many times until he left London and graduated to using a black scarf, or black silk tie and other materials.  I loved being The Blue Jeans Strangler!  There were a couple of other guys - but it's hardly the sort of thing one can put on the Guardian Singles page :p.

Then I met a very open-minded young woman, many years younger than me. We were sharing experiences/turn-ons and she told me how she liked being kissed through cling-film.  I tried it and it was very horny.  It didn't take long for me to tell her about my STRANGLING fetish - she already knew about my Blue Jeans Fetish and was very.......obliging, about that, keeping them on and enjoying it.

We had a lot of strangling fun and she also STRANGLED me a few times - which I had never fancied......but I found I enjoyed it. Eyes locked as she slowly tightened the black silk tie around my throat, straddling me in our old, worn 501s...until.......

There have been many more experiences, with Girls and Guys over the years - and we've all lived to tell the tale, although great care and trust is taken.Slow and tight is fun, whilst talking - verbal can be so horny......sometimes a person prefers it rougher. Roleplays; fantasies. Whatever floats our boar.

Where does it come from?  I don't know - but it's HOT! Especially with the 501s as well....though other Blue Jeans can be horny, as long as they're buttonfly..........

Bagging is also hot - seeing the face through a clear plastic bag during sex........   Great to have an open mind!    Cheers' y'all :-)  Den

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