That feeling... It makes you want to freeze time just to hold on to it forever.

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kc9223 - 16-17 years old - female

Posted by kc9223
on August 4th, 2010 at 10:51 PM

The feeling you provoke, is like an unspoken force... stronger than steel, softer than cotton, loud as thunder, quiet as a whisper...

It shocks my senses

In the moment that we walk into the same room, something changes.

Without looking, I still know you are here... Without acknowledging, I know you know too.

I look while you are turned away. You look while I fight to keep in the other direction.

Why do we pretend to not know when it is right in front of us? Oh wait, it is because of a million different reasons

That we understand, but don't know why they exist.

The moment that we walk away, I always feel like I'm here but my mind is somehwere else

Stuck in the moment we were together yet so far apart. Stuck on the reasons and the doubts. Stuck on how the feelings, after all this time... are still here. Unchanged.

Then the urge to just turn and run back ... to say all the things that I don't know how to say but want to say... comes rushing

No matter what happens, I am going to make you mine.

Then reality sets in and I realize... the world isn't as simple as we want it to be.

We are. But the rest of the world isn't.

When will we break these walls... When will we be free?

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