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emmicd - 41-45 years old

Posted by emmicd
on July 5th, 2008 at 12:55 PM

I have confessed my need to crossdress. I am a kind and caring person and I love my wife and kid and will do anything for them.

They mean everything to me.

As far as my crossdressing. It has been a part of my very existence since I'm 5 years old. I feel I need to wear girls clothes and the need and desire to me is overwhelming and has been a central part of my life and held in secret every day of my life.

Sometimes I feel I wish I never felt this way but for the most part I very much welcome it. I love womens and junior sizes and I love dresses and swimwear and all the pretty styles and colors. To me when I crossdress I just feel so happy and natural. I have also wondered on occasion if I should have been a female from the start. Sometimes I do admit feeling that I would be happier as a female. however I am so happy having a wife and son. It is a gift that I truly cherish. I will always be there for my wife and son.

I have been able to get through the challenges of life and will always do so and am very happy to be here and have a family.

I am perfectly normal in every aspect of my life. I have always been into sports and a beautiful woman would always draw my eyes towards her. I very much love women and always have.

I have been very shy though with women throughout my years and consider myself very fortunate that I was able to meet a nice woman, marry and have a son.

To me crossdressing is something I have struggled with and have had feelings of denial, repression, fear of being caught, and public embarrassment.

As I get older I still wish to keep this side of me secret but my desire to crossdress stays strong and makes me wish to do it as often as possible.

Throughout my years of crossdressing I have purged my feminine wardrobe probabaly a half a dozen times only to find my self buying a new wardrobe of womens clothing. I sometimes feel I could stop but it is very difficult and I just am hooked on pretty and feminine clothing.

I am a crossdresser and am accepting of it and will always prefer to wear womens clothes but only in secret and never impose it on my family friends or anyone.

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  1. reginathefunone - 51-55 years old

    Posted by reginathefunone on September 11th, 2008 at 2:10 PM

    I too feel the sam way you wrote about both crossdressing and family values. My wife is supportive and that adds so, so much to the feeling. I dress daily in a bra and thong panties and lately have been wearing a corset to imporve my shape. My wife said she thinks it is more a texture issue and the soft silky things just feel great. That may be a lot of it but it and I don't know how to explain it or even if it is necessary I just know it is WONDERFUL!!!! Please share more about if your wife accepts .

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  2. Anonymous

    Reply by An EP User May 5th, 2015 at 6:34AM

  3. ninalanyon - 51-55 years old

    Posted by ninalanyon on September 15th, 2008 at 4:12 PM

    I feel much the same way.

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  4. Anonymous

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  5. BarbieB - 56-60 years old - male

    Posted by BarbieB on September 15th, 2008 at 4:18 PM

    I love crossdressing. I only do it for pleasuring myself and I do not hurt anybody else when I wear women's lingerie. My wife and family do not know about my desires to dress and I want to keep it that way. I only do it when I am alone and I get so aroused while dressed that I use my hand and jerk off to an intense ******. I will always keep this to myself because I love dressing even though I know my wife will never accpet it.

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  6. Anonymous

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  7. capsjack - 26-30 years old

    Posted by capsjack on November 17th, 2008 at 1:19 PM

    it is better. when you got married you are not to have secrets form each other. when you get married the two become one together. i told my wife. well she found some of my clothes and though i was cheating. i had to or lose this great person in my life. it is better and the sex is the greatest

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  8. Anonymous

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  9. usedtobe1 - 41-45 years old

    Posted by usedtobe1 on February 1st, 2009 at 10:27 AM


    I would like some comments and feedback to what I am about to write....I have been a crossdresser since the age of all started with pantyhose..and the desire to dress never even came about until one day for some unexplained I wanted to see how I looked....then there was guilt etc....any case I found the internet..and it was exciting to act lilke the opposite sex and I even pretended I was a real women..all exciting to me but never entertained the idea of crossing the fantasy line. I became addicted to the internet..eating up all the compliments..sharing secrets with other the interim I got married and shared my secret with my wife who readily accepted my crosdressing..until she found an email a guy sent me....the email was all in fantasy ion my mind.....she grew to hate my crossdressing etc..I thoguht it was something I could never overcome..then came a child.....over the years I did purge aeverything a few times only to buy it all back again....but during my marriage the fulfillment and desire to dress grew less and less....I resented her for hating that part of me..then over time, seeing my son and wanting to be a good father to him etc the desire waned....The last time I dressed was over 2 years ago..and prior to that I dressed a handful of times over 3 years...during this handful of timies I didn;t get anything out of it..I didn;t feel guilty for doing it..but I just didn;t get that excitement I once had....the last time I dressed...almost three years ago I calmly packed everything up and got rid of it..and have not wished I hadn;t done it...I even see men dressed as women on teleivision..where I used to automatically have the desire to I just see the person and the skit for what it was meant to be...entertaining...I never even felt the desire..I do not know how to explain it..but its the interim I totally have not even got on any of the crossdressing sites, and never desired to do so....I did get caught up in a game and became addicted to this game where my character was a woman..I became addicted to the internet....but I believe it was the escitement of hiding the rest of my story....My wife left me as due to her not communicating me in a positive way we grew apart..which caused me to dwell into my addiciton to the computer more...I saw what I was doing as harmless as I looked a tthe game as pure fantasy (second life)
    she left me..and is using my crossdressing as a way to get me to not seek shared custody of our child...I never did it in front of him..nor have I ever been a bad father,,she dated other men she met on the internet and I even seeked counseling to keep the family together..she went once and then started seeing another man..then left again and brouoght up all what happened in the past again.....she lives almost down the street and acts like she is doing me a favor by letting me see my son when she says I can....but I do not think this is fair..and what I used to do has no bearing on my ability to be able to help raise my son in equal time...she said "she does not approve of the things I do"..which I do not do and have not done in over 3 years, and have not even had the desire to son wants to stay with me alll the time..and she hates that idea..I want to fight for shared custody, and I know she is going to use my crossdressing as a way to prove I am unable to do so..I am also going to counseling to help m,e stop my computer addictions......any help on this would be apppreciated.

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  10. Anonymous

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  11. Posted by An EP User on January 16th, 2010 at 4:34 PM

    My case is a little diferent, l was "iniciated" in homo sex by an older man and the way he treated me had a big influence in my life.
    He treated me as his little girl and l have to admit l liked to feel wanted and loved by a man as his girl, he dressed me with girls clothes and put lipstick on my lips and with my pube face it was enough to look like a girl,
    After this l grew and discovered the joy of hetero sex with girls but my special need was deep inside me, l had lots of sex with men and women but always keeping my other side in secret,
    What l did to deal with "my problem" was to separate emocionally my two personalities, l create Joan as my feminine side and keep her separate from my masculine side, so anytime l was with a man l did it as joan not as a gay man,
    I got married and in all this years nobody knows about Joan but my lovers, l love my family and they love me and they never could imagine my secret.
    I learn long time ago to never feel guilty or ashamed for my life as Joan and l keep my clothes in a secret place, nothing makes me happy than transform in a sexy woman and make a man take me in bed, l can't understand about the straight Crossdressers, the goal to transform in a woman is to atract men and if not what is the use? maybe they are afraid to acept than all males have an X chromosome and some times is very strong, equal or more than the Y chromosome.

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  12. Anonymous

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