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nejamaioublier - 16-17 years old

Posted by nejamaioublier
on October 13th, 2010 at 9:22 PM

I have this friend, well alot of them and all they do is cause drama but theres this one in paticular who just over reacts about every little thing and always talks crap about everyone! but then when they go up to her instead of saying whats actually on her mind, she just acts like everythings totally fine! so i figure that shes just over it, but then theyll walk away and a few seconds later she will be talking crap about them. i dont get why people are just so two faced and when there confronted, nothing changes! they just get angry and deffinsive and you come out looking like the bad guy but really how is it your fault that their the one who is just running thir mouth about everyone?! i try and stay out of drama and everything but she just cant live without it! and she over reacts about every little thing, and she cant take what she dishes out, like if she makes fun  of me its fine and im stupid to get made because shes just joking but if i jokingly say something to her she gets so pissed! and then she acts like im a bad friend for not begging for her forgivness? but why should i apologize to her, when i didnt do anything to her that she didnt do to me?! and then everyone else says " oh yeah shes just acting dumb she needs to stop doing that" but then i confront her and tell her im not the only one who sees it and she says to them, " do i do that?" and they just say no no i dont know what shes talking about! so im alone and i know that they all do see it because they all told me they did but when they have to maake a choice, to say what you actually think or to just shy away, they leave me to get the blame and i later they come to me an say im sorry, i just didnt want to start anything and i just blow it off. i just dont understand, is everyone this two faced or is it just the age? i mean i know teenage girls aree drama filled, but really? this is just annoying, are we supposed t just surround ourselves with a bunh of fake people? or do we have to do that until we find some people who are actually real? i dont know but im hoping things change..

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