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Syangalang - 18-21 years old - female

Posted by Syangalang
on October 15th, 2010 at 4:11 AM

so yeah. my boyfriend and I obviously have an odd open relationship if you read my other confession thing, so you shouldnt be to surprised.

i was at a party with my boyfriend at his house, alot of his friends were there but i didnt have many there. it was an alright party, not much was going on there and stuff and after 2 hours people were clearin out. my bf and i were upstairs with a few of his friends just hanging out, and ill say now they were pretty attractive. i wasn't sure if he had told them we're in an open relationship or not but i think that question was answered later. anyway, we were all drinkin and playing games but my bf decided to go ahead and go to sleep so i was alone with his friends. normally id have left too but i was having fun with the games. it wasnt long after that some of the guys started to hit on me and touch me in places, like my arms or legs or shoulders. even though i was buzzed i kinda had a feeling what was going to happen cause a friend of mine had told me that my bf told some of his friends that they could do whatever to me but i hadnt believed her.

one of his friends moved up behind me on the bed we were sitting on and put his hands up my shirt and i pushed him away laughing, told him to quit it. he stopped for a bit but then everyone started making sexual comments and they moved around me and began to rub me all over. i was wearing a blue blouse with a skirt and stockings, so they were having fun with my legs. i didnt like it at first but then it started to feel good so I let them do it and I eventually felt hands along my inner thighs. by now I was laying against the bed, with one of his friends sitting above me holding my arms and the others at my sides and another beneath me. he continued to rub my leg, but then he started to rub against my **** through my underwear and it sent me further into arousal. i felt my underwear come off and my legs spread. another guy lifted my skirt so my entrance was clearly visible, and the guy beneath me began to eat me out.

i was moaning, it felt nice, but i was trying to pull away but realized i couldnt move with my arms being held on the bed. after a bit i watched him get ***** and saw his member, it was quite nice, and he quickly pushed it inside me and began to work at my walls. i moaned louder but they put my underwear in my mouth to silence me. so here i was beind held by one guy while another pumped in and out of me with two others watching, and im still half dressed lol

the guy lifted my legs up and put them on his shoulders and began to really hammer away at my hips. it felt so nice, but i hadnt expected anything like this to happen. the other guys went back to rubbing me all over too so it just felt so nice overall. it wasnt long before the guy came, but one of the two at my side took his place. it basically went with them taking turns ******* inside me while i layed there. after they had each done so i layed there for a moment, very sweaty and aroused still. one guy pulled me off the bed slightly so that i was on my knees next to the bed, thats when another sat down infront of me and grabbed my hair and made me give him head. his member wasnt really big, just like 5 inches. the entire time he held my hair and kept me there, while another guy had come up behind me and penetrated me again. i had my *** slapped alot lol it went like that till they each had penetrated me again and after i gave them each head, though i only made 2 climax. by now i was supe aroused and they were making me say stuff like how much i wanted it and liked it. we ended up having sex for awhile after, but at the end they each came on my face. i woke up the next morning super sore but oddly satisfied.

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  1. mikmikmik - 22-25 years old - male

    Posted by mikmikmik on October 15th, 2010 at 4:49 AM

    to make it short, you love to be ****** roughly....

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  2. Anonymous

    Reply by An EP User May 3rd, 2015 at 7:05AM

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