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Sleeping with the T.V. on

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UnderEli - 41-45 years old - male

Posted by UnderEli
on November 16th, 2010 at 12:35 AM

So, my home is a shared space, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry.  Only my bedroom is my own -- which I guess is normal.  Most people prefer it that way, don't they?  Just to give you an idea of the space I occupy. 

Anyway, most nights I sleep with the T.V. on.  When I first moved in I didn't have a T.V., so it was the radio instead.  Back when I was married, I enjoyed hearing my wife's talking books as we wound down for sleep.  Since getting a T.V. its what I've got used to using, to help me relax and keep my ears occupied as I settle down, so there isn't enough space for my own voice to intrude with my own petty concerns. 

Used to be I couldn't have any background noise or I couldn't sleep.  I'm sometimes like that, but most often I turn the tube on.  Except for a few shows I keep up with on Thursday and Friday evenings, I ususally have the T.V. off when I'm home, except through the night.  Is that normal?

What do I tune to?  Usually the Canadian Public Affairs Channel.  I enjoy the calm and rational monotonous voices.  Tonight, though, I'm going to turn to the comedy network.  I've had a quiet day, except for buying some groceries, and would like a little amusement as I turn in.  Also, it's nice waking up to something funny.

This confession doesn't carry a lot of weight, I realize.  This is just a little blurb I had to write for myself.  In fact, I imagine a lot of people waving and calling to me, "Hey, Eli!  Welcome to the club!"  'Course, if the entire club was sleeping together we wouldn't be getting much sleep, would we? 

I thought about adding a location to this confession.  Then I thought most of you wouldn't want to actually see me in that space.  Too Truman Show-like, I suspect.

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