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I am a girl, age 22. I am...

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Posted by Anonymous
on July 12th, 2007 at 11:56 PM

I am a girl, age 22. I am very, very shy so I am glad to have found this oppurtunity to share my desires and experiencies whith others, preferrably girls because I am lesbian! My "confession" could be very long but I will only tell you a little this first time and more later on...

I live alone in a small town, where i also work in an office. Noone there knows i am lesbian. If I want to try to meet an other lesbian I have to go to a bigger city nearby. As I am so shy I have to invent various means to approach an other girl. First I dress up in sexy clothes. Sexy underwear, nylon stockings, garterbelt and rather short skirts. I love to do that because in spite my shyness I am very exhibitionistic, I love to show myself to other girls!

I will tell you about my first meeting with another girl. It was two years ago. At that time I know I was lesbian and I was trying hard to meet a girl. Now I had seen on internet that there was a lesbian bar in the big city. I went there by train. And it turned out that the trainride itself became quite an experience! The train was practically full but I was lucky to find a seat in a compartment. The other seats were taken by a group of women in there thirties who obviously were travelling together. They were all dressed up, probably on there way to a party. The compartment was full and I felt warm thighs pressing against me on both sides. It felt very nice! I began to become aroused! And I was even more aroused When I looked at the women on the opposite bench. Especially the woman right across me... She was sitting with her legs apart and as her skirt was very short I could see her white thighs above the nylon stockings and all the way to the panties! I felt my own panties getting damp and my swollen ***** grind against the panties. I got an overwhelming desire to show myself to her and spread my thighs apart! By now I was totally aroused! My panties became soaking wet, my ***** must be absolute visible to the woman across me... And she was looking right at my *****! On her panties was now a wet patch clearly visible. I saw her ***** through the thin panties as if she didn´t wore any... Suddenly I felt something. The woman to the left of me was trying to push her right hand under my ***! I lifted it a bit and sitting on her hand I could feel her fingering my *****! By now all the women on the other bench were looking in between my thighs. I felt very embarrassed but more excited... I breathed heavily, my **** was caressed and just as the train stopped at the station did I get a huge ******! I screamed out loud and the women smiled at me!

I was rather early at the lesbian bar and sat alone at a table and drank a couple of beers. But eventually the bar became really crowded and the dancefloor was full. Of course I should ask some girl to dance with me but I dared not... I had discovered a girl at a table nearby, she was very sweet and wore a short skirt and a tight top. Oh! She looked at me, rised from the chair and walked towards me. She took my hand and we went to the dancefloor. It was a slow dance. She pressed her body against mine. She parted her thighs and pressed a leg between mine! I parted my thighs and felt her thigh against my crotch... She rubbed her crotch against me! Our skirts had risen up to the hips , I felt the wetness from her ***** against my thigh and I know that she could feel mine! We rubbed our breasts against each other and started to kiss passionatly! Oh my God, I was turned on! I could feel that I was about to ****** soon! Suddenly I felt that I had to pee badly! I told Else so. She answered that she was too and that she soon was about to pee her panties! But that she was too excited and near to come to break the dance! So we went on... I began to dribble a little in my panties and felt against my thigh that she did so too! Suddenly I cried out and came in an astonishing ****** at the same time as I felt Else began shaking uncontrollably in her ******! The ****** became even mor intense when I lost controll and peed my panties! Oh, cried Else and I felt a warm flood on my thigh!

After the dance we went home to Else and made love the whole night! That was my first lesbian experience. But it wasn´t the first time I peed my panties... And not the last... More about that another time.

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  1. jrhanold - 46-50 years old - male

    Posted by jrhanold on October 14th, 2009 at 4:32 PM

    Wow! What a hot, sexy story! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Anonymous

    Reply by An EP User May 25th, 2015 at 12:58PM

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