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sleazyct - 51-55 years old - male

Posted by sleazyct
on January 14th, 2011 at 7:08 PM

I recently posted a qustion about how to get my wife to continue swapping with our neighbors. It took years to get her persuaded to try this and finally I succedded. So reluctantly she agreed to a game of ***** oker at our neighbors house over some wine tasting. We dressed casually, nothing daring or too dressy. I out on nice jeans and a polo shirt, as well as some select jocky briefs. I watched what my wife selected and due to her nervousness and uncertainty, she was loading up on the garments. I steeped in and said "whoa" don't go overboard, just the bascs, panties bra andd a sundress and told her if she was uncomfortable at anytime to say so and we could excuse ourselves. She relented and selected a sexy pair of high waisted black lace panties and matching "pushup" bra. She's kinda small in the *** department so I guess she wanted to present herself positively. She than topped it off with a loose hanging sheer shift and believe me I wanted to have her right then! Note, she is of Asia background and her naturally tanned skin really showed her off great!

We stopped by the kitchen and grabbed two bottles of really good wine and headed to the neighbors house four doors down the street, really not knowing what to expect.

We were greeted at the door by Melanie, Alan's cute wife,also of Asian extraction. She was hot looking to say the least. Dressed in a very short mini skirt and very low cut, loose fitting tee shirt. Really showed her figure well I must say. Alan then showed up with wine glasses in hand. he was dresses in shorts, a nice tee shirt and slippers.

Once the casual greeting were over we adjourned to their media room for some wine and snacks. Alan turned on some misic and we all really got into the wine. After about an hour, Alan asked if we were up for a game of cards. Having already discussed this with my wife, she knew it was coming just not when. She glanced at me as if to say, well OK, maybe,,BUT. I told Alan to bring the cards on and he explained the rules. Basic stuff, winner gets to keep all their clothes on, loosers have to toss one article to the winner. Neither me or my wife are card players, much less poker players, so lady luck must have been with my  wife on the first couple of hands, as she lost nothing. Alans wife was down to her bra and panties and both Alan and I were don to our briefs. My wife had a winners smile on her face, which was about to be erased. It was Alan's turn to deal and he won, so he got my briefs, his wife's bra and my wife's shift. So now here I sat buck naked witth Alans wife next to me bare breasted and and my wife on the other side in her puchup bra and panties. I should add here that shoes and slippers were long gone, as the ivory carpeted room was off limits to footwear. We were all pretty tipsey and started to making a few risque comments about the situation were all in, especially me, buck naked! Alan dealt another hand and won again, I'm sure he was cheating but my wife had no idea. I was already out so just the girls had to chip in an article. Melanie on had her panties to toss which she readily did by standing up to ***** them off an kick them to Alan. Now she was naked as I was and boy was he a knockout, I even caought my wife studying her body. As I said, I'm sure Alan was stacking the deck and as he and my wife were the only one's left in the game, him in his briefs and my wife still in her bra and panties, he was going for the kill and won. My wife reluctantly let her bra fall, but kept it beside her, maybe as a safety net.

Next hand Alan dealt another "stacked" hand, this time to himself. He had to shed his briefs, planned that way I'm sure and that guy was "HUNG". I was even amazed at his size! Melanie let out a shriek of joy and said there was only one person left with an article of clothing and that my wife had won the game, so she would get the prize. My wife and I had no Idea what the prize was and really didn't know there was a prize, she was just elated that she had won her first ***** poker game and still had her panties on! I was surprised that she hadn't tried to cover her **** after the game but seeing her sawy and slur her words a bit, I think the wine had made her overcome some of her modesty and inhibitions, to the good. I guess everyone was checking out the other in there stat of undress and starting to get a little frisky, so Melanie suggested we adjourn to their hot tube for a soak. 


Melanie, Alan and I were already totally nude, but my wife still had her panties on to everyone's dismay, but I wasn't going to push her,after all I had made a promise to her. So we all headed out to the hot tube, playing grab *** with each other on the way.  I could teel that my wife was drunk when she stood up, started laughing and joined in on the grab assing. I saw her grab at Alan'ss *** and he responded by grabbing her titt with one hadn and tuggi ng at her panties with the other, making her squeal. Melanie and I both cheered him on in his effort to wrets my wifes panties from her. As the wrestling continues for the panties, we reached the hot tube. Melania and I jumped righ in and settled in next to each other. Alan was still trying to get my wife's panties off and she was stughgling to kep them on and laughing at the same time. Next thing they both toppled into the hot tub andd submerged momentarily. My wife came up first squealing and then Alan surfaced with her panties held in his upstreched hand like a true gladiator.

By then I think my wife had resigned herself that we were all going to be totally nude the rest of the evening.

Melanie suggested that I accompany her to get some plastic wine glassesand more wine, wich I eagerly agreed to. As we departed the hot tub, I turned to look at my wife as if to reassure her and she gave me a slight nod of approval. She was not sitting directly next to Alan, as I think she was still a bit apprehensive about the entire situation and not knowing what to do.

Melanie and I were in the kitchen getting the glasses and wine when she asked if I liked what I saw and naturally I blurted out "of coures", then she asked if I though my wife thought the same of Alan. I tould her truthfull that this was a new experience for her and I knew she was nervous and paranoidn. I even mentioned that when Alan dropped his briefs even I was shocked at the size of his ****. She just laughed and told me that he was a very soft and gentle person and was never rough with her during sex and let her have the lead. Being Asian like my wife I figured her vagina must be on the small side like my wife's and neither of them had ever had any kids. Melanie dropped the corkscrew righ in front of me, on purpose I'm certain and when she reached for it she also reached for my **** which by now was fully erect and began sucking me off. She gave me a great blow job and sid it was nice to be able to get the whole thing in her moth for once and asked me to take her on the kitchen table right then. I responded with a what about Alan and she said not to worry that he was busy and wouldn't mind anyway. I was shaking with lust and couldn't wait to mount and get into her littl e *****,but she said no wait I have a better idea. So she grabbed me by my rock hard **** and lead me back to the hot tub where my wife and Alan were waiting. As we approached I could see that the situation had changed dramatically in the hot tub. My wife was now sitting sidways on Alan's lap kissing, with Alan pinching her rock hard little nipples. Needless to say they were so engrossed they didn't even hear us come up unti we stepped down into the hot tub. Both of them shot up in surprise and my wife immediately started to get off his lap, but I siad no stay were you are, you look lie you're having fun. She shot me a grin and sat back down with Alan immediately returning his attention to her nipples and lips. Melanie said that we should copy them so I sat her on my lap bust carefully and no sideways. I got Melanie to face me and got her into position so when she sat down my rock hard **** slipped right into her still wet ***** and she let out a loud sigh and sort of groan. My wife heard this and shot a glance our way to see what happened. She was able to do this because she was still sitting sideways on Alan's lap and was able to tuen quickly. I thought for a minute she was going to bolt out of the hot tub and run straight home without me, but she stayed right where she was. but turned to face Alan and started kissing him passionately. I was really trying to **** Melainie without making to many waves in the tub, but that wasn't working too well, the water was slapping at the sides like a hurricane was whipping it up. I soon realized the the waves weren't all being generated by me hammeriing away at Melainie's ***** there wa some wave generation going on for m the other side where Alan and my wife were sitting. Their kissing and fondling was getting stronger and I was sure that Alan was beyond hard by now and just about out of control. My wife's hands wer down in the water, so I assumed that she aws giving Alan a good hand job.

Alan was moaning and rocking back and forth from my wife's stroking his **** underwater, when Melanie said wait a minute and jumped off me, running into the house. She returned immediately andd handed Alan a jar. I couldn't see what it was but Melanie told me it was a waterproof lubricant that they used in the hot tub and shower for sex. Now I figured the **** was about to hit the fan. I was sure that my wife was only expecting some soft casual flirting, petting and fondling but not full penetration sex. I saw Alan reach into the open jar and withdrawl some jell like substance and submerge his hand next to my wife's thigh and shift his positon a bit. My wife seemed so engrosed with giving him a hand job she didn't notice.

Melanie saw it to and whispered to me to watch this. Next thing I knew, my wife arched her back, raised up a bit kissed Alan hard andd settled back down. Alan's arm was moving fast in the water and I was sure he had slipped one if not more fingers into my wife's ***** and she didn't seem to mind it at all, matter of fact she was rocking whei giving him a hand job.

Melanie asked me to let her sit on me with her back to me so she could watch too, so we changed position and we all seemed to be enjoying each others show, except my wife who was still facing Alan, kissing him at the same time she was giving him a hand job and getting fingered.

Melainie whispered to me that she was going to tell my wife to turn so she could watch us and for me to watch what happened. i was so busy rammimg my **** into Melanie's ***** from the back now, I didn't pay much attention.

My wife looked over her shoulder and saw the way Melanie was sitting on me rocking back and forth andd stood up to turn to face us. What happened next caught me totally off guard and I'm certain my wife as well. Before she could sit back down on Alan's lap, he grabbed another wad of jell in his fingers and smeared it on her *****. She knew I saw if and kind of looked at me as if to see if I was mad. Note seeing anything but a smile on my face, she started to sit back down to face Melanie and I. She didn't have any idea what was coming, Alan grabbed her waist with both hands and pulled her downwards. I guess he had it calculated so pulling her backwards and down at the same time her ***** would be right over his giant throbbing ****. I saw my wife's eyes gget big and I guess by that she must have felt the head of his **** against her *****. I think she might have been in a state of half panic and half lust, as she looked at me with her eyes wide open and began to say something when instaed she let out a scream and yelled oh my god!! I assumed Alan's underwater aim was right on target and witth the help of the waterproof jell, managed to penertate my wife with his mor than giant ****. She looked like she was in shock and suspended over Alan's lap. I was really concerned, as I had seen that giant **** of his earlier but also saw my wife looking but it as well. Seems like forever but they finally started to get soem rhythem going and it looked like my wife was being impaled. Her eyes were shut and her lips pursed together, but she was rocking like a champ. Melanie and I watched the show and began to **** like crazy, making lots of waves. With the waves hitting my wife mid chest, she opened her eyes to watch Melanie and I really going at it and both of us monaing loudly. I guess all this sexual activity pushed my wife over her boundries and I saw her lean forward and push back on Alan at the same time. She must have had his giant **** in as far would go and was humpoing wildly and crying out "**** me, **** me harder and deeper". Melanie was a bit surprised at this because being Asia herself, she knew the feeling of Alan's giant **** when it got hard. All at once we all seemed to reach giagantic ******* and  relaxed. Melanie pulled off of me and went over to my wife to pull her off of Alan. When she tried to help my wife up, I thought muy wife was going to pass out and yelped a bit and they both walike into the house . Alan tried to reassure me that he was not being rough with my wife but she kept pushing down hard on him so he responded in kind. He also told me that she had the tighest ***** he had ever experienced and was thankfull for the evening we shared.

The girls came back out full cdressed and my wife told me she wanted to go home, so we walked home in silence, straight to bed and sleep. The next mornin g I cooked her breakfast and asked her hwo she felt about last night. My wife neve rswears, but she blurted out that she had a fabulous ******* last night but did not want the giant **** anywhere near her again, complaining that not only her ***** hurt but her inside hurt as well. She won't even talk about that night anymore and that's why I wote my question about how do I get her to do it again in the future.. You can believe this story of not, but I can tell you it's true andd I still commnicate with Alan and Melanie by e-mai, but we all live far apart now. Maybe good, maybe bad, don't kn ow...

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  1. keepithush - 31-35 years old - male

    Posted by keepithush on September 25th, 2012 at 10:41 PM

    Not sure how to get your wife to go again, but hot story.

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  2. Anonymous

    Reply by An EP User Apr 28th, 2015 at 12:10PM

  3. sleazyct - 51-55 years old - male

    Posted by sleazyct on September 26th, 2012 at 10:28 AM

    Trying to get back into the swing again, only with someone with a more average sized tool. There's nothing sweeter that a tight Asian pu$$y!

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  4. Anonymous

    Reply by An EP User Apr 28th, 2015 at 12:10PM

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