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A mature sort of love ? W.T.F.

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Alterede - 51-55 years old - male

Posted by Alterede
on February 17th, 2011 at 1:57 AM

When our love was new I heard the sound of your song

It was beautifully seductive.It was the sweetest sound I'd heard.

You were quite magnificent. "Familiarity builds contempt" old idiom.

Then the secrecy and lies were seen for what they were

a way to be removed from me and my uninteresting world

Excitement for excitements sake without any sense of growth

And still it feels like I should suck it up and not take it too personal

when your lies are cloaked in accusations about innocuous things made large.

Where is the reality of our love.You say I think to much.

You say you are intuitive about reading people and I am not

I simply recognize what I am faced with. I read you more avidly than I read Stephen

King ..I just never see a benefit in calling you out on things that are nonsensical or

some manufactured lame deception. You must really see me as simple, that I would not

find your behavior transparent.

There is talk about how much you've grown...and learned in the last year or so. I agree

with you on that point but you need to be more stable if you want to be looked at as an

adult person capable of adult relationships. Maybe you need to make those choices you

tell me about stick to you like glue and concern yourself less with my foibles. Let me

work on my **** as you work on yours and simly support one another in our personal


( written by a 53 year old who was married for a long time and has 4 kids  about a 41 year old who has never been married and has no kids...Age does not really help the level of maturity we achieve in our closest personal relationships.)

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