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Mika Blue type of model And black type of model in accrding get to medethranian sea (middle coust t be specific)so now ????

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MonicaW - 36-40 years old - female

Posted by MonicaW
on March 8th, 2011 at 3:18 AM

So tell me why ur a death dealer in case of me and u Evelina well i can tell u im in death dealer cult ofcourse we will do that i had 100 millenium in case of me Mika belongs to the diva days with fancy girl as well ok and pinocchio my cousin as well as jayden so tell me why we  did that in case of the second ecstacy trashment and lsd trashment so tell me now why u did that in case of getting moent and som more stuff would u liek to sleep with me thomas antfolk in casly no beacuse ur ugly fat grislebear in any cases i would be a lot more model than u in any cases we r ok and ur not a model so tell me would u like be my friend in any cases would u like thta and why to get some more gilrs and magnus davidsson is probaly pscyho ok so let the beat go on ok would u ok no yes no ok hmm ok bye all and thx for evisorment in anycases in accrdong to me as the ruler of criminalty alias Slavitza  Mont Gommery Stoianovski

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