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indigowitch - 22-25 years old - female

Posted by indigowitch
on October 6th, 2011 at 3:43 AM

Accept the lessons Spirit came to give to you through other people gracefully, don't act like a proud pig missing the lesson all together...make peace with the people, do not hate them, thank them...judge not lest be judged by God. Peace be upon you, for I travel lightly...not weighed down by blinding pride. "Justice is for the naive"..people who do not want to learn only harm...cowards are they who cannot make peace and move on, cowards...forgiveness is for the strong and not for the weak...there is nothing just in taking revenge, it is only to make you more soiled and corrupt like your enemies, or let's rather say: to get you tangled up in their troubles...not being free from their bullshit, making their problems yours...and he who takes revenge, for the wrong reasons - which is not true justice - he is nothing better than his enemies...he becomes an enemy, and he becomes hated...there is nothing pure in a hateful heart...justice is for the naive when they choose to take justice in their own hands...but justice is for the wise when they leave it in God's hands...justice is for the naive when they think they are above Divine justice, when they think that "justice" won't work for them...because they don't want to hear a fair outcome...they only want to hear their own...those who do not want to do it the right way, will fee justice up the wrong way...take justice in your own hands and justice surely does not belong to play God and God will catch you up from behind...justice is for the naive they say, so God is for the blind...they do not seek justice, they only seek to justify themselves, their ego...they have no regard for a greater purpose to understand that "GOD'S JUSTICE, IS NOT YOUR JUSTICE" eye for an eye only makes the whole world those who say "Justice is for the blind, and revenge for the wise" are is they who seek to be justified and not wanting justice.....

I settle all my troubles in the Universal Court of Justice...where God is the Supreme Judge, and not you you pathetic naive little worm, with your corrupt juices: God will surely despise and trample upon you with disgust! You are just slime, no Heart and no brains, only an animal lacking the inspiration of Spirit.

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