Me and my sister got spanked today

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DannyRedan - 13-15 years old - male

Posted by DannyRedan
on October 15th, 2011 at 9:15 PM

Yesterday my sister and i snuck out to see a concert. My sister is 12, we both really wanted to see so we went. The day after the concert We both leave the ticket in our pocket and when my Mom did the washing today she saw the tickets. Mom called us down in an angry voice and i started to get nervous, we went to the family room and we saw mom holding the tickets. She then starts shouting at me saying that we could of got killed and that it was bad to take your sister to. Mom tells us to take our pants and underwear off and she says that i will get a bigger spanking because im older and a boy. So i bend over on her lap and get spanked for 10 minutes until my bottom was red, my sister sam was still watching me and i was in tears. Now sam gets spanked for 5 minutes and i could tell that Mom wasn't smacking her as hard, we were both in tears and we had to take our shirts off so we were completly naked and got in the corner for 30 minutes. We still thought it was worth it because it was a selena gomez concert and we both love her music. My sister and i are really close, we always do stuff together.

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