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tawam - 36-40 years old - male

Posted by tawam
on December 21st, 2011 at 1:38 AM

For the past few days i was in deep trouble feeling so worried because the unexpected event that comes to our life,but as i was  a person who believe in everything,i just hope things will be ok...I do things not very appealling to others and for me is good enough and to others is not,i never feel bad or ashame that i easily like or admire people i like most or simply because i dont measure woman with how she look like,wealth or intelligence,i usually find interesting way of attracting to the people i admire best and those i like,but sometimes it goes to opposite ways for it will be interpreted in a way you dont even expect?
Well i maybe a loverboy and fall inlove,like,admire in a wrong time but i will never treat a woman as my personal possession nor stalked her in anyway,if im in my country i would end up in jail for doing those and even by accusing such action it will damage your self and thats a very humiliating things to be?i maybe find some attractions to other people i know but liking and admiring is very diffrenet way to stalking right?Hhhmmmm but i would never do that to anyone i knew and even i make mistake falling in love to another woman even im married as long i never have physical contact i guess thats nothing to be ashame of,i have affairs in mylife and yes im guilty of it,alot of well known person rich and famous,normal delivery boy to office boy did something that i do,yes it is not justifiable and i admit being not a perfect man,i make mistakes and falling in love in a wrong time is not to be ashame nor it will make your life invinsible,it affects your well being,heart and soul.
Hmmmm being a christmus believer we do have something like that,i know alot of different religion in mylife and thats the only thing i dont like to argue about as i always respect each one individual belief no matter how strange it may sound to each one of us,still i dont critizise or ask why?because i myself dont like to be ask why?I touched and mention topics that is taboo for everyone here,i have alot of friends who are white,black,asians,caucasians but i just ask not to attack anyone but to know what they feel and reaction to it,i like and wish that one day i would end up with something id like more but i think it will be a wishful thinking,but to hell with it and even its bad i still like it and will never change what i think i can,just the same with why i always beleive if you did something very despicable you should get the biggest punishment you will never expect,so to say i will not change side just to please anybody for that i believe is the best.No if and why?

Soon christmas is coming up  here we dont have a celebration like what we have in the christian country or the other states that allow it,for them its pagan and it doesnt concern them but hey as i do believe in every religion of the world i will always celebrated any season i believe is ok....We will miss some people that come to our life but its how life goes some are temporary some are not?Do you know who are your friends well for me im sure i know it because theyre here in my heart and im in their heart and thoughts no matter how we live in poor or rich i know who they are and im glad we are friends.
We are unique beings i always remember those who teaches me the same and will never forget them as i grow older,nor those people once part of mylife when im lucky and see my grand kids in the future i can always tell them stories that maybe for others are redundant and not appealling but as i jot down here im a very sentimentalist person and would always counts my blessings big and small no matter how it comes i will always mark it down to the smallest events in mylife....

Everyone is not what we wanted to be and nobody is perfect just like no man is an island you will never be happy alone you must reached out and have friends to live the life to the fullest because life itself is too short to last for lifetime,then one day you will remember why you wasted a good time of your life feeling mesirable and undesirable?i dont look at anyone pretty or ugly,for myself the person who look at you defined who you are and what you are,so nothing is pretty or ugly in this world we are all unique in every way thats why nothing to be ashame of,if we are abuse when we kids and later when we are matured you dont need to stay that way still life has something to offer start again and learn to stand alone and think you are still lucky because you are alive and still alot of things to offer and be somebody one day.....Sometimes we write nonsense things but who are we to judge if he or she write what she or he think good to share?Well i will not get tired sharing things that happen to me so one day or in other way people who may find solitude and happiness having friends all over the world shared my thoughts,love and emotions.Sight......

Well perhaps things are not what we think best but still remember you are here to be who you are and be happy...... 

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